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  1. Christopher J. Kiraly

    NoCo Roll Call

    Hey Folks! Another NoCo guy here! I am in the process of building my rig, and I’m one of the crazy types with a lifted Subaru. I’d love to meet up, get to know some folks around here (we just moved up here last October) and run some trails!
  2. Christopher J. Kiraly

    New Member from Chicago!

    Hey! I went with 275/55/20 BFG AT KO2's. Love them. Do folks in this area do any meet and greet / hang out events?
  3. Christopher J. Kiraly

    New Member from Chicago!

    Hey all! Super excited to be a part of the Overland Bound Community!! Are there any others out there in the Chicagoland area? I am fairly new to Overlanding but a seasoned Roadtripper and Camper. Still building out my Rig, which is a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. I look forward to...
  4. Christopher J. Kiraly

    Coming to America! (Chicago)

    Hey man! Looks like no one said hello! I am a new member from Chicago. I just moved here in February. How do you like it so far? Did you find a new rig?
  5. Christopher J. Kiraly

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    New Member here! 8181 Thanks!