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    Test Kitchen rated a bunch of high end coolers

    Thoughts on this? I have a Yeti and love it

    Simple Mistake, and hopefully some good advice.

    This has happened twice now, it's a super noob move, but I think that taller bumpstops would be the fix (that and choosing a better line). The video shows the mistake. BACKGROUND: I have a Gen 4 rear end in my Gen 3 4Runner. It's wider than the original. The rear is lifted about 3" with OME...

    Frying Pan Upside Down Cake (kinda!)

    INGREDIENTS 1 20-ounce can sliced pineapple 1 package yellow cake mix 1 stick (4 ounces) butter 1 cup brown sugar 1 jar Maraschino cherries DIRECTIONS Drain pineapple, reserving juice. Using the Mix-Stir, prepare cake mix according to package instructions, using the reserved juice and, adding...

    Not new... but I was away for a bit.

    Afternoon Adventurers! Some of you may remember me, if yes, hello. Some may not, nice to meet you. Thanks to a couple of @Michael 's YouTube videos for getting me to log back in - great content man. I have had some changes in my adventuring. In addition to my Gen3 4Runner, I have added a...

    Fire on the ground.

    Here in Southern California, many of the places I go adventuring require metal fire pits. It's really gotten me thinking. In the spirit of Tread Lightly, I'm finding myself more and more against building fires on the ground... even in an established, old fire ring. I also pack out my ashes. I...

    One of my favorite breakfasts.. Breakfast Tacos!

    Super easy to make with a little pre-prep. WAYAWAY Breakfast Tacos Serves 2 or 3 people (6 tacos) Prep: In an empty small plastic water bottle: 5 eggs, salt, pepper and oregano. - the bottle will fit nicely in the corner of your cooler, it will keep for days and no worries about broken eggs...

    Overnight Oats

    Great for those mornings when you need something quick and filling. I make these and take them to work.. OVERNIGHT OATS Ingredients 1 cup honey Greek Yogurt 2-4 TBS honey 1 cup oatmilk (regular milk works too) 1 ½ cups uncooked old-fashioned oats ¼ tsp sea salt Instructions In a large...

    Joe's WAYAWAY 2001 4Runner.. and adventures

    My work on this 4Runner is pretty much complete. When I picked it up, it had been fairly molested. The guy that had it bought another, lower model and wanted the turbocharger.. so the one I ended up with had to be really monkeyed with to get it running and to pass smog. It had a lift, but the...

    Strange noise.. and the fix.

    This is Henry. Henry is famous for picking up bits of stuff and squirreling it away into all kinds of places in my 4Runner. If you notice, in his left hand, he is holding something. This is what Henry was holding, I think it was part of a hinge for a chain-link fence. We were way out near...

    Seen in the wild

    Dig this perfect Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that I stumbled across in San Diego.

    Anyone else out there make goofy videos of their adventures?

    5 minutes of Mojave Rd set to banjo music..

    2 Nights In Death Valley - What are the 'must sees'?

    We are doing a road trip in my 2001 4Runner over Thanksgiving week.. the first 2 days we will be in Death Valley. I know that there are tons of amazing dirt roads. What are your go to places? Old mines, amazing vistas, geological wonders please! thanks all, - Joe

    Did you guys see this article?

    Great White North.. (not really, just a trip to Vancouver, BC)

    Next month my girlfriend and I will be off to Canada. We are spending time in Vancouver, then heading north to Squamish for a couple of days. We are renting a Jeep (99% sure it's 2WD) for the whole trip.. Any cakewalk trails in the area we should check out? Hope no one minds the approximately...

    Joe from San Diego..

    Hey Everyone.. I've been watching the videos on YouTube for ages now.. figured it was time to jump into the forum. I have an ever evolving 2001 4Runner SR5 that I use to adventure around the west. Here are a few shots from my last trip.. Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas with my girlfriend...