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  1. Welding Goats

    Camping in Colorado

    Michael, Not sure if you were looking for location specific recommendations for Colorado or just some general info to start with. This is for the latter. Should be a good place to start. Enjoy your adventure!
  2. Welding Goats

    OB Approved Members Spotted Thread

    Spotted my second member "out in the wild" today in Midland, TX. Nice 4Runner!
  3. Welding Goats

    OB Approved Members Spotted Thread

    First member spotting "out in the wild" for me today. Came across a good looking rig in the Home Depot parking lot in Midland, TX. Upon further inspection, saw the emblem for member #21867 and had to document it. :-)
  4. Welding Goats

    Gazelle Tent

    Excellent description. Thank you.
  5. Welding Goats

    Gazelle Tent

    Thanks for the reply and info.
  6. Welding Goats

    Gazelle Tent

    Mike, Do you know of any pics or videos that show a T4 with a two cot setup? I have seen mention in several places that it works, but have yet to see visual proof.
  7. Welding Goats

    West Texas Members

    Hahahaha. Thanks.
  8. Welding Goats

    West Texas Members

    I would be interested. June 21st is my birthday... Might be willing to spend it in Lubbock.
  9. Welding Goats

    Wanted Anyone have some license plates they would sale?

    Happy to send you some if you are still needing them. Just let me know.
  10. Welding Goats

    West Texas Members

    Hahaha. If we go much further west, we'll be in the ocean. :-) I would certainly be interested in going west to Guadalupe Mountains NP or Sitting Bulls Falls in NM for a meet up on the northern side of I20. If you want to go south, then Big Bend NP and SP or even Ft. Davis might be viable options.
  11. Welding Goats

    [0.9.0 Discussion] Pre-Release Discussion

    Just hit my first snag... Was on page 8 in app, chose back arrow to go to page 7, chose forward arrow to go to page 8, got the "white screen of death". ---------- Had to force close the app. Realized that it would be nice to be able to edit a post on the app.
  12. Welding Goats

    [0.9.0 Discussion] Pre-Release Discussion

    Would be nice to be able to refresh the thread you are currently in without having to back out of it and re-enter.
  13. Welding Goats

    [0.9.0 Discussion] Pre-Release Discussion

    Beta downloaded. Replying via app.
  14. Welding Goats

    West Texas Members

    Welcome to the forum and to West Texas. Interestingly, my wife and I spent Christmas on the Big Island. Had a great time. Wonderful people, climate and terrain.
  15. Welding Goats

    ARB JACK vs. Hi-Lift Jack

    Off topic... Or is it? Less than 30 seconds in and already admiring Mike’s cap from Draplin Design. Envious... Will regain my composure and watch the rest of the video.
  16. Welding Goats

    SOLD AluCab Shadow Awn 270 Awning Alu Cab Never Installed 270 Awning With Brackets, Load Bars

    I don’t know the specifics of the rack you were (are) trying to attach the awning to but wanted to throw this out to you just in case you haven’t come across it before. I’ve looked at them for some possible mounting solutions to awnings I have considered.
  17. Welding Goats

    Ouray Area July 31st - August 4th Disperse camping sites

    Looking forward to your trip report as my wife and I will be making a trip to Telluride in September for the Blues and Brews fest and currently plan on traversing the Imogene Pass and other routes in the area.
  18. Welding Goats

    Bedourie cooker/Dutch Oven.

    Very interesting... And thank you for putting this out there and including the initial pics. Would very much like to see some pics of it now that it has been seasoned and used.
  19. Welding Goats

    Best light weight trailer for a TJ

    Take a look at this offering in these forums and see if it might work for you.
  20. Welding Goats

    Ratchet / Sockets ...

    I'm enjoying it because I'm digging the Bulleit Rye converted glass... Very nice!