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  1. PapaStan

    Tepui Kukenam 3 person RTT Olive Green & 2019 4Runner Prinsu Rack full length - SF Bay Area

    Tepui 3 person tent for sale, have a fullsize prinsu rack also available with mounting brackets for the tent for a 2019 4Runner Tepui RTT - $1000 Prinsu Rack with mounting brackets - $700
  2. PapaStan

    What to do

    I have been looking into going from my 4Runner to a truck and either getting a camper or just a new build with a larger tent. The 4Runner has been great but I have 3 kids and a dog and we are tight on space if we are going someplace for more than 3 days. Has anyone sold their rig set up as is or...
  3. PapaStan

    Sonoma Coast HWY 1 to Usal Beach

    Does anyone have any spots they have stopped off and camped for a night off HWY 1, I was going to head up towards Usal Beach from Sonoma County but wanted to see if anyone had a spot on the way they have stayed at.
  4. PapaStan

    Bowman Lake

    Headed out to Bowman Lake Wednesday morning, first time out that way and was a treat. Fairly empty Wednesday/Thursday but by Friday morning it looked like a sold out private campground. First multi day trip with all the kids and they held up nicely even with the cold nights and lake water...