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  1. outofdoors4x4

    270 degree awnings what’s your take?

    I have the rhino rack batwing awning and love it. Having to legs already attached to the awning make setting up so much quicker and easier. And the legs can also be pegged down they have holes built in for it
  2. outofdoors4x4

    Rig Photos

    My GU patrol
  3. outofdoors4x4


    White cliffs NSW Australia. This is a un stacked photo. So it could be better. But yes I love Astro shots. And being in Australia we can get away from light pollution very easy in the outback.
  4. outofdoors4x4

    What is your go too overlanding photography kit/setup? What is in your Camera bag?

    In my bag right now is a canon 77d with a ef 10-22mm lens love those wise lenses. Rode video mic. Ronin s gimbal. Manfrotto tripod. GoPro hero 4 I don’t really use it. Thanking of upgrading to a canon 90d but just so I can do some better filming.
  5. outofdoors4x4

    Camp Photos!

    This is my camp now. Camping In luxury
  6. outofdoors4x4

    New Regional Director

    Congrats blake. Your passion for this lifestyle shows. Can’t wait till we do another trip together
  7. outofdoors4x4

    New member from Down Under

    Nice to meet ya mate. I’m from Newcastle Nsw. Hopefully we can all get together soon and do a trip together.
  8. outofdoors4x4

    Rig Photos

    Nothing like those Australian night time sky’s
  9. outofdoors4x4

    New member from Down Under

    Welcome Tim. Where abouts in aus are you? Glad you have joined the big overland family.
  10. outofdoors4x4

    Overland Videos on YouTube

    Hey love all the new channels I just found here. I’m from NSW Australia and have also just started a channel check out
  11. outofdoors4x4

    Very excited to start creating more content.

    Very excited to start creating more content.
  12. outofdoors4x4

    Overland Videos on YouTube

    Hey. I’ve just started a channel aswell and love hearing about people also starting out aswell. What’s your plans for channel wise? Here is a link to my channel
  13. outofdoors4x4

    Instagram - Dedicated Overland Rig Pages

    John Outofdoors4x4 2009 Nissan gu patrol Australia nsw
  14. outofdoors4x4

    Instagram - Dedicated Overland Rig Pages

    Check out the Outofdoors4x4 instagram
  15. outofdoors4x4

    Social media..

    Instagram. Don’t use Facebook anymore
  16. outofdoors4x4

    Instagram follow and be followed.

    Here’s mine all the way from Australia
  17. outofdoors4x4

    Roll Call....Australia ?

    Hey guys check out our adventures on Instagram
  18. outofdoors4x4

    Roll Call....Australia ?

    Thanks mate. Can’t wait to meet everyone from this community
  19. outofdoors4x4

    Roll Call....Australia ?

    Just joined. John Newcastle nsw. Glad to see other Aussie here
  20. outofdoors4x4


    Gday everyone John here from Outofdoors4x4 I’m from Australia and run the Outofdoors4x4 instagram page. I’ve just got back from a 8000ks trip in the outback of Australia. I’ve been watching the overland bound YouTube clips and love them!! I drive a 09 Nissan patrol with lots of modifications...