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  1. AdventureWithDanan

    US Southeast 2016 Toyota Tundra - Crewmax, 4x4

    I planned to NEVER sell my Tundra, but my forthcoming human baby takes precedence over my mechanical baby… I bought this truck new off the lot and I’ve been building this it as overland vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice road comfort and ability to tow. I started adding to it as soon as i...
  2. AdventureWithDanan

    EXCURSIONS AND F-250's sound off!!

    What did you do to make your truck and overlander or off-roader? Why did you do it? Let's see pictures and videos!
  3. AdventureWithDanan

    US Southeast Exploring Croom Wildlife Management Area

    Just a quick few hours exploring what Croom has to offer. Scoping out camping spots and locating available trails! All are welcome!
  4. AdventureWithDanan

    Cancelled Hang on the Dunedin Causeway

    I'm filming a cooking episode on the Dunedin causeway again. Feel free to drop by and hang out or just say hello!
  5. AdventureWithDanan

    Trans America Trail on my Motorcycle | 2 of 2 posts

    For the first 7 days of the TAT, go over here to this post: Trans America Trail on my Motorcycle | 1 of 2 posts Day 8 of the TAT: Day 9 of the TAT: Day 10 of the TAT: Day 11 of the TAT: Day 12 of the TAT: Day 13-17 of the TAT:
  6. AdventureWithDanan

    Trans America Trail on my Motorcycle | 1 of 2 posts

    July of 2018 I embarked on the Trans America Trail with 2 of my friends. I did 1 video for each day I was on the TAT for a collection of 17 videos. Here are the the videos leading up to the trip and the first 7 days of the TAT. (for days 8-17 of my adventure on the TAT, please click here...
  7. AdventureWithDanan

    US Southeast Meetup on Dunedin Causeway

    I'm going to be on the Dunedin Causeway this Sunday afternoon to film an outdoor cooking show and I'd love to turn it into a meetup! 4:00ish until sundown. This will be an informal get together and hang. Bring the family, floaties and jet skis!! You can park on and launch directly from the...
  8. AdventureWithDanan

    Trans America Trail - Sam Corerro’s track

    I actually don’t know how many riders we have here, but I 4x4 and ADV Ride! If you ever have the chance to do that TAT, I highly recommend you buy the GPS files from 2 of my friends and I started the Trans America Trail on the 1st of July 2018. I made it 16 days, and they took...
  9. AdventureWithDanan

    US Southeast Rigs. Beer. Food. Convoy. Camp. - 02/23/2019

    1. Meet and greet with food and beer at Ace Cafe from 11:00am - 1:00pm 2. Convoy to Ocala National Forest 3. Arrive at camping spot Shanty Pond Campsite (29.3356685, -81.7294048) and camp Saturday night. Possible occurrences: 1. Night ride 2. Late morning ride View Rally Point Details
  10. AdventureWithDanan

    AdventureWithDanan, Your regional Director is Here for YOU!

    Hello my SouthEast Region-ers! I want to let you know that I'm here for you if you need help getting a group together or for any other region specific issues that you feel you need help with. In fact if you need help on anything within Overland Bound, let me know and I'll do what I can...
  11. AdventureWithDanan

    New Company Looking to Manufacture Products for Overlanders

    This is from a company looking to break into the Overlanding Market: Hey everyone, My name is David Golden and I’m with SCA Performance. We’re a custom truck upfitter based near Birmingham, Alabama and are currently developing a custom built overlanding truck to be unveiled at SEMA 2019. Our...
  12. AdventureWithDanan

    FLORIDA - Ocala National Forest

    So since doing the first Southeast rally in May of 2017, the area commonly known as the slab has been closed down by the National Forest Service due to vandalism and excessive trash. Those of us who were there know how nice of a spot this is and those that don't can watch the video of the Rally...
  13. AdventureWithDanan

    Mixing synthetic oil and conventional oil

    I’ve heard it said many-a-time that if you mix conventional with synthetic you will have problems. In fact, multiple instructors of mine at Universal Techinal Institute shared this theory. Me personally, I just didn’t think that one oil would act as a caustic agent to the other and break it...
  14. AdventureWithDanan

    Peter's Point Beach - Florida - 2 & 3 December 2017 - 12/02/2017

    On the 2nd and 3rd of December we are going to do some beach camping at Peters Point Beachfront Park. Driving on the beach is allowed. Location: 30°36'18.8"N 81°26'30.0"W @k9sar and I have decided to organize a beach cleanup as a part of this camping trip. You are not required to...
  15. AdventureWithDanan

    Southeast Ambassador driving to TN

    Hello everyone wanted to let you know that my wife and I are driving up I 75 to Tennessee. We will be staying at a KOA somewhere in Georgia tonight, and it would be great if we could put together a little breakfast with y’all. We will have breakfast at the Adairsville GA Cracker Barrel at 8am...
  16. AdventureWithDanan

    Hurricane Irma - Food and Water for Florida

    Hey fellow Overland Bound members! I am currently in Tennessee and waiting until Hurricane Irma has reduced enough for me to drive back home to Tampa. I started a GoFundMe to get donation so that I can buy a bunch of freeze dried meals to bring back in to Florida with me to hand out to those...
  17. AdventureWithDanan

    Pompano Beach, FL - Airplane Hangar - 17 June - 06/17/2017

    The 17th of June ClarkT (on the forums) wants to have a get together in Pompano Beach. I'm creating this event a bit prematurely because I don't have all of the details, for that I apologize, but the date is arriving soon and I wanted members to have as much advance notice as possible of the...
  18. AdventureWithDanan

    27 May 2017 - Hardrock ORV Park - Ocala, FL

    Some of our members are going to do some off-roading in Ocala Florida. Large off-road area with a variety of terrain, rock crawls, hill climbs, just about anything you can imagine. You won't believe you're in Florida. $25 per vehicle per day, plus $5 for any passengers over 16 years of age...
  19. AdventureWithDanan

    May 6th - Georgia Members Coffee Meetup

    Cars & Coffee Overland Augusta Takeover Location: 212 Partnership Dr. Grovetown, GA 30813 Time: May 6th 8:00am - onward Steve Travis is going to be the one managing this thread!