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  1. WJ - Firefly

    Communications Test...

    This is a test. If this had been an actual communication, it would have included information relative to this forum. This is only a test. 8>D
  2. WJ - Firefly

    Unlimited Off-Road Expo

    The Unlimited Off-Road Expo is June 3, 4 & 5, in Louisville. I will be attending on the 4th since it is only 90 minutes from me. Anyone else thinking about going? Http://
  3. WJ - Firefly

    Bus ride to the end of the world

    Anchorage couple drives to Tierra del Fuego in their rebuilt '75 VW camper van... :sunglasses:
  4. WJ - Firefly

    Diesel Electric Hummers! A "team of adventurers planning to drive a pair of hybrid Hummers to the South Pole later this year will soon test the specially modified vehicles on a 400-mile run across the frozen Arctic Ocean...