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  1. Wonderland_Recon

    ARB Fridge Size help 2021 JLU

    I have decided to run with the AAL MASS storage system in the back of the JLU. With this said I am planning to use their new Low Profile slide under the fridge. My question is what is the largest ARB Fridge that will fit in the rear of a 2021 JLU with the seats in the upright position? I was...
  2. Wonderland_Recon

    FS: 5 - 285/70R/17 BFG AT Tires on 2021 Rubicon Rims

    Magnolia, Texas willing to meet somewhere within reasonable drive. Asking $1000.00 OBO FS: 5 - 285/70R/17 BFG AT Tires on 2021 Rubicon Rims brand new off my 2021 JLUR Ecodiesel. Less than 700 miles on 4 of the 5.
  3. Wonderland_Recon

    Synthetic Winch Rope and Snatch Block any Insight?

    I am mapping out my recovery system/gear and thought I would ask for some insight as it relates to using synthetic rope that comes on ZEON 10-S Platinum™ Winch with Synthetic Rope with a snatch block. What type, brand, size of snatch block do you use with this particular winch or your winch...
  4. Wonderland_Recon

    Wonderland_Recon 2021 Jeep JLU Rubicon Eco Diesel

    Hey all Wonderland_Recon here! Below you will see the items we have chosen to go with for our overland build and this list will continue to grow as we build and adventure over the years to come. Currently installed or received so far. 2021 Jeep JLU Rubicon Eco Diesel - 4 Door Black on Black...