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  1. John~SWNM

    ViAir Constant Duty system installed

    Yet another of my lockdown projects is complete. Between coats of paint on my new rear bumper Iwas working off & on on installing the onboard air system. The components were installed here & there and Ifinally got it all hooked up & working yesterday. The 450C compressor (150psi & 100% duty...
  2. John~SWNM

    Biohazard Bumper build project

    I have been trying to stay busy during the lockdown by finally getting around to building the rear bumper for my Tacoma that Ihave been acquiring parts & materials for for a while now. It's 4 weeks or so in (I have had to take a day or so off now and then for arthritis elevations) but it's...
  3. John~SWNM

    Overlanding with a CPAP; Power options?

    So the VA recently diagnosed me with sleep apnea (after a quick couple questions) and gave me a nice new CPAP device (which I'm still gtting used to). They tell me I could be OK for a night or two without using it, but for trips over a couple nights I really shouldnt go without it. So what...
  4. John~SWNM

    Great News For Veterans

    As a veteran I love that this idea has finally taken hold among the "powers that be". I have always been an advocate for the fact that time in the great outdoors can go a LONG way to helping reset one's persnal headspace & timing. For Veterans, Outdoor Therapy Could Become Law