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  1. Joe Hunt

    Off Road & Outdoor Event

    Off Road & Outdoor Event Cedar Rapids Iowa July 20 2019. 11:00 A:M to 3:00 2150 Sadler Dr. SW 52404 Sadler Power Train is hosting the first Annual Off Road Event. Overlanding, a variety of vendors, also a Jeep and Rig show and shine for the best rig. $500 for first place. Nomad...
  2. Joe Hunt

    Rally April 13 2019

    Can someone help with setting up a meet and greet? April 13 2019. East of Iowa city Iowa. Please. Joe Hunt 319 521 6513
  3. Joe Hunt

    Trans American Trail

    We are going to attempt the TAT from Elsinore Utah to Port Orford Oregon. Can anyone say if the trail might be open that time of year? We have three vehicles going , room for more if anyone is interested. Also going to Alaska after that, up on the ferry to Ankorage, Fairbanks to the Artic...
  4. Joe Hunt

    Trans American Trail

    Anyone know if from Elsinore Utah to Port Orford Oregon the Trans American trail would be open by the middle of May? We want to finish out the trail . We have three vehicle's going now and open for 1 or two more if anyone would like to go. Joe.
  5. Joe Hunt

    Trans American Trail

    Trans American Trail, Nomad Overlanding. This past summer I ran the TAT, from Cape Hateras to western Utah. I must have packed and repacked 4 or 5 times. 2012 Tacoma with a topper and a RTT. I got it right, didn't need anything I didn't have. 2 tire issues, no mechanical issues and some...
  6. Joe Hunt

    Trans American Trail

    I am going to finish the TAT this coming June from Utah to Oregon. I would like to have a second vehicle go along . Anyone interested? I am driving a 2012 Tacoma with a rooftop tent. Once I reach the trails end in Oregon I will continue on to Alaska . It wouldn't hurt to have a second vehicle...
  7. Joe Hunt

    Local rep.

    Anyone know who is the local Ambassador is for the Cedar Rapids Iowa area. I'd like to get a meet up going and maybe a trip or two. Joe Hunt
  8. Joe Hunt

    Meet up

    Hello Iowa, Lets try to get a meet up in or near Cedar Rapids Iowa for August 18 2018. A rigs and coffee , or breakfast, or even an overnight around the campfire. I'll put it together if we get some interest. Let me know . Lets do this! Joe Hunt Nomad...
  9. Joe Hunt

    Our Nomad

    4'x6' ,tailgate, two doors up front on the sides. I spent a long time with the design and it came out great but very simple, not fancy. It does have a RTT and a tent riser so we can use the annex. 33s, 3500# axle, front storage box. All surfaces are flat for ease of use. You can stand or sit on...
  10. Joe Hunt

    GPS Kevin

    We are doing the TAT soon, has anyone used the GPS maps from GPS Kevin? If so did they work well, we're they accurate? Please let me know.
  11. Joe Hunt

    GPS kevin

    Has anyone used GPS Kevin's card for the Trans American Trail. If so did it work well for you. We could not access or contact the other guy with maps. They were 7 or 8 times the money anyway. If you have any info on this please let me know. Thanks Joe
  12. Joe Hunt

    Wisconsin Trail in May

    Any members near Cedar Rapids Iowa. We are going to make a Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail run starting May 12, returning on May 15th. Leaving Mechanicsville Iowa from the only Casey's store in town along hwy 30 at 0800hrs. Overland Bound members are welcome. Let's see what kind and how many...
  13. Joe Hunt


    We are now prepping for the Trans American Trail. June 1st 2018. Vehicles, 2012 Tacoma with an ARE topper, drawers in the truck bed, ARB fridge, front and rear bumpers, warm winch,2" OME suspension , ko2 BFGs and an older 4runnr set up almost the same. We will dip the rear tires off the east...
  14. Joe Hunt


    I'd like to plan a meet up, rigs and fun. Cedar Rapids Iowa area. April or May. If anyone out there is interested let me know. Call, or send a note. Joe H 319 521 6513.
  15. Joe Hunt


    Joe H, Anyone out there done the Trans American Trail. We have been Overlanding for awhile but always willing to learn. What gear would you take if you were to go again. We are taking g a 2012 Tacoma, 2inch ome, rear lockers, topper with a RTT, decked drawers, ARB fridge, dual batteries...