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  1. toxicity_27

    US Midwest Minnesota Meet and Greet

    Apologies for the late notice, but we will be having a Minnesota Meet and Greet on Sunday July 26 at Afton State Park. It'll start at 12:00. Bring a chair, beverages, and stories as we get to know each other and check out rigs. Any questions let me know.
  2. toxicity_27

    US Midwest Minnesota Meet and Greet

    We will be having a Meet and Greet on Saturday January 11th at Hayes Public House in Buffalo. We will be meeting from 1-3 (I have to leave at 3 but you're more than welcome to stay later). I have posted this in the Midwest Facebook Group as well. Please reply either here or there if you plan to...
  3. toxicity_27

    Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail September 25-28/29, 2019

    My wife and I will be doing the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail this fall. We haven't done it before, so for those of you that have, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, insights, etc on places we should stay or see along the way that would be great. I've seen some information that we would...
  4. toxicity_27

    Cancelled Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

    We will be doing the entire route of the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail
  5. toxicity_27

    US Midwest Minnesota Meet and Greet 05/11/2019

    Hey everyone! We're looking to do a meet and greet for all the OB members in Minnesota, and anyone from other states that might be able to attend. It looks like the greatest concentration of members is in the Twin Cities metro, so I was thinking of doing it here. If anyone has some land, or...
  6. toxicity_27

    Finding Time

    I did a bit of searching and this is something that has been bugging me for the last while. I'm trying to make more time for trips be it weekends, or week long trips. How are you finding the time to go on a trip? Life and work gets in the way for all of us, so I'm curious as to what everyone...
  7. toxicity_27

    August 2019 MN-WY/MT/ID

    So in August of 2019 my wife and I are planning to take 17 days off and leave from the Twin Cities in Minnesota and head out West. She's never been farther West than Black Hills, SD and I haven't been farther west in 15+ years. We plan to move out there in 10 years or so and I want to introduce...
  8. toxicity_27

    Website Feedback

    I would love to get some feedback from the Overland Bounders. I'm working on creating a new blog, and wanted to get some feedback as to what to change, add, etc. I've never created anything like this before so I'm completely lost. I would love your honest feedback. If you could go to...
  9. toxicity_27


    So I should be getting a fridge soon through a group buy with a local club. I'll be getting an Engel MT45. Right now the plan is to run it on the stock battery in my JK since I don't have the spare cash to do a dual battery setup. Think it'll be okay to run the fridge of the stock battery...
  10. toxicity_27

    Honeymoon 2017

    Well as some of you know I'm engaged. The wedding is September of 2017. I told my fiancee that I would plan the honeymoon and came up with the idea of going to the Black Hills. We're heading from Minnesota to the Black Hills and want to take at least a week for the honeymoon. I've been looking...
  11. toxicity_27

    Minnesota North Shore

    Cool article from Outdoorx4 on the North Shore of Minnesota. Definitely need to plan a trip up there.
  12. toxicity_27

    You guys are unreal..

    It's taken me several hours to get through all the threads I haven't read since Monday. You guys are rocking it here! I can't believe the activity change since I've been gone! Keep it goin!
  13. toxicity_27

    Delorme Map Sale

    I found out Delorme is having a map sale right now. 50% off. Coupon Code "10195". It sounds like Garmin is buying Delorme and they'll likely not make paper maps after they transition over. Not sure if this is the right...
  14. toxicity_27

    Cabin Fever

    Anyone else getting cabin fever? I just want to get outside and go explore, the snow and cold say otherwise.
  15. toxicity_27


    I'm looking to get a new hatchet, and eventually an axe. I've looked at Fiskars, and have heard the newer stuff is better. Read the old stuff had some soft metal where the edge wouldn't hold for long at all. Curious as to what you're running and why.
  16. toxicity_27

    First winter snow storm

    Ready for the first storm of the year? Possibly up to 10" of snow.
  17. toxicity_27

    1997 F150 "Dad's Truck"

    This is a restoration/build thread for my dad's 1997 Ford F150 XLT Supercab. My dad passed away in June and my mom doesn't have room at the house to keep it so I've taken it into my possession for the time being. We've had this truck since 1999. When we got it, it had right around 19,000...
  18. toxicity_27

    2015 Rubicon Hard Rock Build Mjolnir

    Copying my build from another forum. Well I finally got my 2015 Rubicon Hard Rock. Took just over a month from order to delivery. Previously I was in a 2013 Sport, loved every minute of it, but always wanted a Rubicon. I also wanted to build it from the ground up the way that I wanted, instead...