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  1. HuddExpo

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I drove it today.
  2. HuddExpo


    Made this while getting away from everything today.
  3. HuddExpo

    RotoPax Vs. Jerry Cans

    Wavian for sure. By far the best.
  4. HuddExpo

    Jerry Can Filler Advice

    The red and green have smaller spouts so maybe they would go in further.
  5. HuddExpo

    Jerry Can Filler Advice

    The plastic filler on my Wavian did crack, very annoying. I went to this and haven't looked back.
  6. HuddExpo

    Solid axle versus independent suspension

    I have seen this, thanks. I especially like the 7:00-9:30min section. That is probably the best example of the two types working through the same terrain. I could still argue about which is better, but it is just my opinion. I will however stick to arguing that spring rate is the biggest...
  7. HuddExpo

    Solid axle versus independent suspension

    Is there any dampening in this design? I have been out with trailers like this, but never saw them drive it over rough, choppy stuff. I would think it may end up bouncy on that stuff.
  8. HuddExpo

    Solid axle versus independent suspension

    How it rides has more to do with spring rate than the type of suspension. The spring rate also helps dictate when and if a wheel will leave the ground and how much the trailer will tilt when traversing rough terrain. I have had all types and my trailer with the long, wide soft leaf springs...
  9. HuddExpo

    Which tablet or Laptop?

    I ran a separate Ram mounted 7" tablet for years with GaiaGps until Gaia became CarPlay compatible a number of months ago. That allowed me to lose the tablet for a less cluttered cockpit. I don't plan on running an additional tablet ever again.
  10. HuddExpo

    Colorado trip in April. Looking for advice

    There is a fair bit of snow just about everywhere in the mountains. There are still plenty of dirt roads to explore, it may just take a bit more research. There are even some paved "off the beaten path" routes you could drive that are very scenic if the weather really turns south. The...
  11. HuddExpo

    Solid axle versus independent suspension

    I have had quite a few trailers from torsion to independent to leaf spring. The best riding and favorite setup is my teardrop where I swapped in long wide leaf springs from an older Land Cruiser with some shocks. The springs have the load carrying capacity I need, but are very soft. That...
  12. HuddExpo

    Is an overland trailer really worth the expense?

    Mine is homebuilt, just over 20yrs old all wood with aluminum sheeting. It has 10's of thousands of miles on it through all conditions from super arid and dry to hot and humid, to soaking wet for days. I absolutely love it. I think issues simply come down to how well it is built, and that goes...
  13. HuddExpo

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    Pan and zoom is there and it was not in beta. I just used the new release it a bit yesterday and today and I am very happy. Now, when you tap the screen the pan and zoom options show up on the right hand side. It behaves quickly and so far so good. Again, I am very happy with this. Nearly...
  14. HuddExpo

    US Rocky Mountain OB Colorado Springs Monthly Meetup & Trail Ride

    Lots of options for good trips off the 300 as well, or we could head south. I'd even be open for an overnighter.
  15. HuddExpo

    US Rocky Mountain OB Colorado Springs Monthly Meetup & Trail Ride

    It's a great trail and I have run it many times in all conditions. It becomes rather difficult and can be a pretty long day if the snow is deep. I think its a good choice unless something different comes up.
  16. HuddExpo

    US Comms - An Introduction to your Communication Options

    Spend time in the remote areas of Colorado and Utah. It may be related to the mountains and canyons, but there are lots of areas with no cell service and APRS repeaters. I have used APRS more times than I can count to text, message, etc. in the last few years. I was in Utah back in September...
  17. HuddExpo

    Best way to charge my trailer battery with current setup?

    I assume that 14.4v is with it running. Depending on how long the wiring is you could get away with no Redarc. The trailer battery may never get to 100%, but that will also depend on the type of battery you have in the trailer. Redarc is fantastic stuff, but I do also find that lots of people...
  18. HuddExpo

    Best way to charge my trailer battery with current setup?

    I do not have a DC to DC charger. I do not have a "smart" alternator in my tow vehicle and I also run a conventional deep cycle marine battery. With those two things, I felt no need to add the complexity of something like the Redarc. If I ever went to a Lith-ion battery in the trailer, then...
  19. HuddExpo

    OB Approved Overland Safety: Fire Extinguishers

    I have been a dealer of the Element Fire Extinguishers for a couple years and am a huge fan. This technology has been around for a long time and is especially popular overseas. No mess, no expiration, easy to stow and no need to refill. I keep mine in the glove box or center console.
  20. HuddExpo

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    ^this^ I feel the same way. The learning curve can feel pretty steep, but once you are there, Gaia is really nice. For me, it really comes down to some pre-planning and getting the right maps/areas downloaded. After that it's great.