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  1. ELY-9999

    Where's Michael?

    What it is he best way to know the when and where for Michael and Crew Meet Ups during the 13 State Expedition? Sent from my XT1254 using OB Talk mobile app
  2. ELY-9999

    MIDWEST VANLIFE(all are welcome) GATHERING

    WHEN: May 18th - 20th, 2018 WHERE: Mark Twain National Forest, Slabtown, Missouri (1 hour south of Rolla). We will email the exact location after you buy tickets. HOSTS: Vanlife Diaries & Gnomad Home Are you ready for the first ever Missouri Vanlife Gathering? It's going to be amazing! Prepare...
  3. ELY-9999

    OverlandBound_Trolls / overlandbound_fake

    I appreciate the honorable and respectful way in which Michael faced the wrath of Social Media as in this overlandbound_fake. The guy identified himself as a "Gate Keeper" of our trails and recreation areas. I for one feel the Jack Ass was the accuser and not the defender. This guy seems to...
  4. ELY-9999

    $200 Key Fob???

    So I bought my used 1999 4runner which came with just one key and key fob. After getting the price of over $200 from the Dealership, I had to find a better way... My First attempt was to buy the Fob online which was to come with programming instructions. I got the Key Fob which looked exactly...
  5. ELY-9999

    Gen3 4Runner Tops Parts and Performance Picks

    See Resources Below... My being new to the whole Toyota Platform, I found myself lost among the oceans of information available online and all I really need is some valid good direction on how to get: not only the right parts but quality as well. I also would like to know how to improve...
  6. ELY-9999

    FOR SALE SE Oklahoma (Hugo) - 1997 Dodge 5.9 / 12 Valve / P-Pump Cummins 4x4, 5-Speed, Project $3,950

    I have a 214,00 miles, 5.9 Cummins 12 Valve P-Pump Dodge Ram 3500 Std Cab, J&I Flatbed, AirDog equipped project. It is apart right now, motor is disassembled to short block had lots of blow-by but no ridge in cylinders, engine trans and transfer case are all removed. Everything is bagged and...