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  1. Justinwrites

    Local Information RE: Stanislaus

    Hi, We're trying to plan a trip for the stanislaus national forest region. I could use whatever info/insights people care to share. We are flexible on travel season, looking to avoid crowds, not freeze to death either though lol. There will be 3 adults and two littles. Stock FZJ80. Driving down...
  2. Justinwrites

    South Puget Sound members

    Hey All, I see a number of us are in the South Puget Sound region, some even in Olympia with me. Anyone interested in a coffee or beer meet up?
  3. Justinwrites

    Winter Trip Brain Storm

    I want to plan a winter trip, January most likely, to escape the PNW clouds and rain. Likely tent camping, though brick and mortar accommodations are not out of the question. I'll have my wife and kids (2, 4, and 17). Probably 7 days total, maybe less depending on my wife's boss. Off and soft...
  4. Justinwrites

    Overlandbound's new partner...

    After only cursory googling I've learned that Blue Ribbon Coalition acted as a political action committee in the past. It was decidedly partisan, donating 92% of its funds to Republican candidates. I think it's relevant to know if the BRC or Share Trails is still acting as a political action...
  5. Justinwrites

    Rig Advice

    Hi, so we're still new to the forums. We have a 1990 Suburban with a bad engine. This of course happened after replacing pretty much the entire powertrain (transmission, transfer case, differential, rear axels, breaks, tires, misc.) I'm into this thing for nearly $7,000 over a year. Still...
  6. Justinwrites

    South Puget sound region

    Hi, we mostly have experience on road trips and camping out. Recently turned on to the idea of overlanding and taking my truck off road. There's five of us in the daily. Plus an auxiliary adult (my brother) who frequently goes with us. Our rig is a 1990 GMC suburban. She's kinda honey but the...