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    US East Air Armor M240 Compressor, GoTreads, and Slumberjack Tire Bag

    Decided to change up the configuration and some of the gear in my Jeep so getting rid of it. All items located in Mass. Air Armor M240 Compressor has been awesome but I took out the ammo can mounts and no longer will be using this. Awesome condition. $125 GoTreads used a few times to get...
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    Cascadia 4x4 VSS Hood Mount Solar Panel

    Anyone have one or know anyone that runs one? Yes it's 4x more expensive than putting a 100watt panel on your hood and fabricating mounts. I'm more curious on people's experiences. (link for reference is for a JK but it's made for other vehicles as well)...
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    Engel questions

    I've had a 31qt fridge and am moving up in size. I'm going to be going to get an Engel for the toughness, reliability, and low draw. I have a couple questions as i'm trying to decide between the combi and the regular unit. For those with the combi, can you use the combi as a full fridge or...
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    Those with kids and ground tents, do you also pack a screen area?

    Those of you with younger kids do you also pack and put up a separate screen room or have a screen room attached to a tent for them to play in if necessary? I’ve camped my whole life and never had a screen room when I was a kid but I do see it’s benefit. So, who has one and what are your thoughts?
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    Water setups

    My valve for my rinse kit just developed a huge crack so I am looking to see if it still fits my needs. Firstly the rinse kit is an awesome product but it does have some downsides. It needs to be filled from a hose and it is bulky. It’s not used for drinking water but for water needed for...
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    Non HD rack

    Anyone running a non heavy duty rack (non gobi, front runner, rhino, etc...) Looking to just slap a canoe up there for fishing trips and a solar panel. However I do prefer to sleep in my JKU so I would most likely transfer the bins to the roof overnight. Bonus points if you run a non hd rack...
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    Smittybilt XL around New England

    Hey everyone, Looking to get a smittybilt XL and have done a bunch of research online. Anyone have one in New England that I can look at to get a good idea of it.
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    Jeep Guys, Go Topless Day?

    Who's going to any of their local Go Topless Day meetups this weekend??
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    US East (MA) Black Forest (Webasto) 31qt Fridge - $400

    I bought this earlier last year as a starter overland fridge to see if it would be useful for myself and the family on camping/overland trips. I actually leave/left the fridge in full time as it's awesome to always have food and drinks in my Jeep. I'm only selling it upgrade to a much larger...
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    US East (MA) Jeep Wrangler (JKU) Premium Soft Top $600

    Premium Twill Soft Top from '15 JKU - $600 Premium soft top off my '15 JKU. Dual top Jeep so this was never run in the winter time. Top is in pretty good condition. It gets used half the year so it has a bit of wear on it. Side and rear windows have a few scratches but can still see out of...