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  1. Ragman

    Why do you Overland?

    Certainly varies but I believe that certain people are born with the innate desire to explore, to be one of the people that drives by a dirt road and wonders "where does that go?" instead of just driving by. For me it has always been the exploration and, sometimes, personal challenge to see if I...
  2. Ragman

    What's your latest camping gear purchase, and what caused you to buy it?

    The first burn of my new Snow Peak Floga and this thing works as advertised. It is a great addition to the large pack and carry pit (or large Takibi as they call it now) and would recommend to anyone who has one. You may have noticed I preach light weight and efficient packing so the only...
  3. Ragman

    What's your latest camping gear purchase, and what caused you to buy it?

    I just picked up the new Snow Peak Floga that fits on the large Snow Peak Takibi. First video is up for the unboxing and will post first burn soon. If you are unfamiliar it is an attachment that regasifies the unburned carbon in the pit using heated air and I am hoping it will be similar to the...
  4. Ragman

    Test Kitchen rated a bunch of high end coolers

    My concern with those has always been that they become extra baggage once they do melt. Have you ever used the Arctic Ice type freezer packs in conjunction with ice and, if so, do they extend the ice time?
  5. Ragman

    How is the ride and performance while riding near max payload?

    The vehicle at max payload should be fine but overweight can lead to mechanical breakdowns and from my experience overloading the back of a pickup leads to a nasty floating of the front end.
  6. Ragman

    Next upgrade suggestions

    I would go with @grubworm on this and consider portable air AND a tire repair kit (I know there is a spare but cheap insurance). I would also throw in a first aid kit if you don't have one. For a weekend seems a fridge is a bit of overkill. Your vehicle is already very capable for sure so short...
  7. Ragman

    Rodents vs. Wiring

    Not rodents but I had geese on the farm chew the plastic conduit off my 98 F150 trailer wiring harness. Left the wires alone for some reason but that conduit must have had something in it.
  8. Ragman

    Simple but good Mexican Recipe - Carne Molida

    Both sound good-thanks for sharing!
  9. Ragman

    Test Kitchen rated a bunch of high end coolers

    I thought it was interesting but ATK missed the mark I think. I would be surprised if most people were cross shopping an Igloo and Yeti (or other top line cooler). For me the surprise would be a low priced cooler that can run with the high dollar choices so we can make an informed economic...
  10. Ragman

    A chicken in every pot, well at least chicken chili!

    This week I switched gears a bit and went with the white meat option. I think this is a great white chicken chili that couldn’t be easier in camp. Any white chili fans out there?
  11. Ragman

    Making up for lost time

    I think the winging-it is the toughest thing for most people, not knowing where they are going to sleep probably the #1 "scary thing" out there. I don't say that negatively at all, but it is unnerving for many. I guess that is why the NPS fills up a year in advance! But as many here have said...
  12. Ragman

    What is the Quintessential Camp Food?

    I would love that recipe, I have a lentil recipe that I am thinking about putting up on a video.
  13. Ragman

    Is LaCroix actually hairspray?

    I am also a fan of the LaCroix lime, some of the other flavors are not my thing. I seem to be a bit boring in that I normally take only water to drink and will likely have some sort of adult libation tucked in there somewhere as well. Oh and coffee...That was not the case when the kids were...
  14. Ragman

    Here is the recipe that demands you own an dutch oven! ( maybe that is a bit of a stretch...)

    Good morning all-the new video went up and it is a really tasty camp dessert that couldn't be easier. I'm sure that there are a ton of different versions of this amongst the group here and I would love to hear your favorite recipes for this simple dish so share away!
  15. Ragman

    What is the Quintessential Camp Food?

    My college age daughter loves to make Annie's white cheddar mac 'n cheese with bacon, sautéed onions and peas in it-one of her favorites and I gotta say it is pretty dang good.
  16. Ragman

    What is the Quintessential Camp Food?

    I had to look this one up-these are something you make or just take along with you? Inquiring minds want to know.
  17. Ragman

    Overlanding in the Midwest.

    I too would be interested in any insight folks could share on this.
  18. Ragman

    Our, And Your, Opinions On Some Popular Overlanding Gear

    Great video and kudos for giving a shout out to Tread Lightly-I couldn't agree more. As to the specific products I too am a ground tenter and don't fully get the roof top tents, but like has been said different strokes for different folks, I traveled to Alaska one time using a slide in truck...
  19. Ragman

    Let's Talk Cast Iron

    I am a huge fan of cast iron and use it pretty much daily at home. I also use it when I camp, but not always. I know this is a big topic for a lot of people so I did a quick video on my channel with my thoughts on cast iron for camping-You can check it out here-
  20. Ragman

    The Perfect Camp Stove

    The best camp stove...that is a loaded question! As @MMc said above it depends on your needs. It looks like you have space and can carry the weight for sure. Personally I use Coleman fueled stoves, the fire, and small wood burning stoves such as the Firebox or Solo and that is enough for me...