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  1. david_says

    US West North Bay meet-up

    See everyone there!
  2. david_says

    US West West Coast Meetup #3 - Half Moon Bay, Hop Dogma Brewing Co - 6/29/2019

    Kids are allowed. I had my 5 year old with me last time we went.
  3. david_says

    US West SF BA/West Coast Meetup #3

    We’ll be there with the fam!
  4. david_says


    New member here checking in! I'm David and I'm from Rohnert Park which is about an hour north of the golden gate. Just picked up my 2012 FJ back in July and have been loving it ever since! Not sure if there are other members in the area but if you spot me say what's up! I use to drive a modified...
  5. david_says

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    First post! 6431 here!