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  1. Simon Wolfe

    OB License Plate?

    I was walking up to Oliver the other day and noticed that my OB badge is cool but fairly small. Then I took a walk around Oliver, I have three OB stickers on Oliver one each side and the badge up front, and noticed that they were fairly small as well. This all got me thinking, I'm flying down...
  2. Simon Wolfe

    Well Bugger!

    In my efforts to be a good Overlander and Land Rover owner I go out to do the preventive maintenance on Oliver. I pop the bonnet and do a visual inspection and start checking fluids. At this point I discover that the coolant is down fairly low. I top it off and then start it up and fiddle...
  3. Simon Wolfe

    Hello from the Silicon Valley - My Other Rig.

    Hello All, I also have a Jeep. It is a 1954 Willys M-170 Front Line Ambulance. I decided to post it because I have camped in it more than the Land Rover. I do like it a lot but is sure could use a 4th gear. I should get another badge for it.
  4. Simon Wolfe

    An Early Birthday Surprise

    My birthday is tomorrow. When I got home today I received the best birthday gift, My Badge! Thanks to the OB family for a nice surprise!
  5. Simon Wolfe

    Name Tags

    I'm a newbe so this might have been talked about before. I belong to a military vehicle club. One of the things they did is made nice name tags for us so that when we are at events we know who is who. They are pretty straightforward, it has the club logo your name and where your are from...
  6. Simon Wolfe

    Hello from the Silicon Valley

    Hello All, I'm Simon Wolfe in Sunnyvale CA. I like to go "old school" thus my rig is a 1962 Land Rover Dormobile we call Oliver. I'm pretty Novice when it comes to Overlanding. But we like camping and traveling. I'm looking forward to meeting many of you and hope to learn a lot from the group.