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  1. Rob K

    Member Rides

    I've been a non-official (forum) OB member for a few years and love the community and the outdoors. Haven't pulled the trigger on becoming an official member yet because I would like to dedicate more time to the outdoors before I get my badge (personal "I'd rather be doing it then looking like...
  2. Rob K

    Getting a Truck! - Which one to buy?

    Just spent the past few months researching, test driving, and trying to decide on a truck myself and ended up with a 2019 Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Picked it up this last Sunday actually. I test drove this truck, as well as the new 2019 Ram 1500 and a Silverado 1500 for a full-size alternative and...
  3. Rob K

    Hello From Long Island, New York

    Hey, thanks for that info! I'll definitely be looking into it.
  4. Rob K

    Annual October Montauk Trip

    Can't call this much of an Overlanding trip because we will be spending the nights in a pretty sweet hotel, but my girl friend and I will be taking a drive out to Montauk in the YJ again this weekend! Montauk is one of our favorite places to spend time and not a bad drive being located on Long...
  5. Rob K

    Nature Photos

    That light house shot would make a great print! Nice photos!
  6. Rob K

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    No pics yet but it'll be a little front brake maintanance today! Gotta love when those front calipers start to hang up on ya. Nothing like a hair raising drive in traffic to let you know you're still alive!
  7. Rob K

    Overland/ Outdoor Reading and Mags?

    A few months ago, my subscription had ended for OutdoorX4 magazine. I had not realized this until just recently be it that the magazine is sent every other month. Non the less, my question is what other Outdoor/ Overlanding mags are other people reading? I enjoy OutdoorX4, the quality of a...
  8. Rob K

    Equipment suppliers links

    I do feel like I find myself looking for reputable dealers and online merchants that sell a higher quality item then some of the stuff amazon/Dick's/walmart ect. Especially for camp gear. I think this is a great idea.
  9. Rob K

    Chevy TBI Idle problem(IAC?)

    To wrap up this post...... Yes, it was indeed the IAC valve that had failed or was failing. This past weekend I changed both that and the connector going to it and the truck idles up the way it should now. While searching the internet I did not run into a lot of symptoms similar to this...
  10. Rob K

    Member Rides

    Took the Jeep to the nearby beach spot yesterday. Cold and a little windy, but above freezing is a nice change of pace!
  11. Rob K

    Hi-Lift Jack Security

    Got a chance to fab up my Hi-Lift mount since posting this. This is what i decided to go with, now i just probably plan on drilling a hole through the bracket and attaching a bike lock or some type of cable lock.
  12. Rob K

    Chevy TBI Idle problem(IAC?)

    This one is pretty technical but I can't seem to find my exact problem anywhere and I thought I would share it here and see if we can't figure it out. So my girlfriend has a 95 K2500/Silverado with a 350 Small Block with Throttle Body Injection. Recently in the cold weather the truck has had...
  13. Rob K

    Slow 80, Slow Build

    Looks really clean. Good luck with it!
  14. Rob K

    Anyone from NY?

    Eastern Long Island checking in. I would love to know how many others out there travel to the eastern camps/ beaches, Montauk, Indian Island, Wildwood ect.
  15. Rob K

    Hi-Lift Jack Mount

    The Balmy 33-Degree temperature finally allowed me to get outside and do a little work! Just thought I would throw up a few pictures of the Hi-Lift mount I made to go with my tire carrier. Pretty happy with the way it came out. Just have to work on securing it with a lock. Overall...
  16. Rob K

    It's 1 Degree (f) On The Ohio River...... Starting Procedure..

    Interesting read for sure. I actually saw something like this on Facebook but it was explained in such a way it sounded like complete nonsense. I guess it shows the difference between a reputable source. The science behind it does make sense when explained the right way. I agree though...
  17. Rob K

    Need wiring help

    I was thinking about this for a while and I’m sure there is a number of ways to achieve this. Probably with and without diodes. My first thought would be to take the output of your remote controlled relay and tie it inline into the light relay circuits between the out of your switch and the...
  18. Rob K

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Got a Hi-Lift for Christmas this year. Decided to splurge for myself and buy a nice cover and handle keeper. First impression of the quality was really good, glad I spent the extra money. It'll be going on a custom tire carrier so hopefully I'll get a build thread up soon!
  19. Rob K

    Leaf-Sprung Rigs

    Since my PA trip I have done a lot of work to my suspension after realizing a lot of the flaws that crept out. The panhard bars were removed and it did make a pretty big improvement. I have yet to change the springs to higher quality units (On now is 4" RoughCountry leafs approaching 7 years...
  20. Rob K

    A beginner is looking for help

    Being from America, I'm not too sure how much I can help specifically on truck/'rig' selection, but if there was anything specific that I would be looking for in a Rig, it would be something reliable and preferably common in your area. This makes finding replacement parts a little easier and...