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  1. phlfly

    Cordless electric chainsaw

    Hi all Question is what size of the chainsaw to buy 12 inch or 10 inch ? I know bigger better but more space and weight . Makitta vs Ryobi? 199 dollars Makitta vs Ryobi 169 dollars in home depot . I live east cost around the Appalachian mountains
  2. phlfly

    Upper Peninsula travel, MI to WI

    Would u be able share GAIA files what you did do I have a better idea of the direction. I will planning after Detroit go to main land,to dunes camp there somewhere. Than cross bridge and go on Drummond island for few days no plan there either some said SE side its,it's good start no idea...
  3. phlfly

    Any Fellow Michigander?

    Hello Michigan We are driving from VA to Detroit for good food and see for first time Detroit. My guess ita best way to have hotel unless someone has a big property to land for day . I'm looking to explorer UP with family. First coming out from Detroit area it will be nice hit few medium off...
  4. phlfly

    AGM dual battery charging from solar

    I will make some pictures of the solar panel
  5. phlfly

    AGM dual battery charging from solar

    For battery power station 500wh .
  6. phlfly

    AGM dual battery charging from solar

    I was looking but never find anything sub forum that talks about battery charging. So I have Nissan XD with two AGM in parallel circuit and I'm looking to add a charging controller that will take from regulated Solar panels (Rockpals) and will regulatory charge battery as I will need . I can't...
  7. phlfly

    16' Titan XD 4 Pro4x

    I got couple projects over Feb to April time, installed lights , Trigger system , switch for Trigger system , Pelican box , fuel cell on rack .
  8. phlfly

    2003 Dodge Ram 2500 overlander

    Hi my name Vadim as well I live in VA
  9. phlfly

    An argument against Roof Top Tents

    RTT add mass and CG point, but they are way better than sleeping in tent even fast set up tents like one been advertised by Mike I think Gazelle. The tent is bulky too and long plus foldable bed plus good mattress and wind/rain brings even more challenges. I have GSD and she sleeps in the...
  10. phlfly

    Upper Peninsula travel, MI to WI

    What is better location to stay on night near Detroit? I meant safe we are all lots costly equipment so I don't want it walk away while. Its more likely hotel is,way easy just take Uber to downtown?
  11. phlfly

    NVA Your Vehicle build help - Voodoo Automotive

    Couple more from today installation and integration of the kill switch for the Trigger system
  12. phlfly

    NVA Your Vehicle build help - Voodoo Automotive

    More pictures on air pump
  13. phlfly

    VA Area Monthly RVA Meetup?

    Hey guys anyone needs repair or build on your truck give call this guy . No money to me just wanted get a pro guy more business as would be great to have outfitter close in DC area and not driving like miles to Warrenton or MD for repairs and work . He is pro certified like welding ...
  14. phlfly

    NVA Your Vehicle build help - Voodoo Automotive

    Just installed lights and Vodoo did a harness for me . Very happy with results. They are actually op out to do outfit . The guy can weld , installed roof racks as he did for me. Harness abs electrical work . It's perfect location for the DC area as in Sterling VA area only 20 miles from...
  15. phlfly

    Full size building rigs price

    That is what I thought as well. It's not a good idea do things with 8,000 lbs truck too much weight on front axles.
  16. phlfly

    Full size building rigs price

    That's true. This is a planned . Another question if anyone had installed limited slip or locker on front diff with non solid axles? I debating to do that in the future or not . I have winch so it's kind solve the problem, but it's not always you have anchor point . What is holding me off it's...
  17. phlfly

    Full size building rigs price

    why am I asked this because I have assembled and still doing my Titan XD. But than question came to mind what to do next like in year when it's built. Well you might saw my truck online, I'm looking to add couple more things, but I don't when should I stop, as than no turn around, and if I ever...
  18. phlfly

    Full size building rigs price

    I wonder what is prices for the full ready rig for the oveelanding. Like Trucks vs wagon style trucks. The rig should have some kind drawers system , kitchen pull out and unfolds like trail kitchen, water tank, rtt , 2-3 inch with 35's , lights, air pump build in, radio build in.
  19. phlfly

    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Wow this is UAZ were very slow as remember , the one with hood was a little better still . The mech gear level is all over place as I remember . It brings me memory back from time as I lived in Russia .
  20. phlfly

    Overlanding/Camping holster

    Thanks for idea I will look at this . Does it not sweat you ? Just just sure if it's enogjt breathable material