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    Mushroom hunting

    Lots of beautiful chantrelles here in the Santa Cruz Mountains if you know where to look. We packed out a 50 lb rice bag full of morels four years back at a killer spot off a four wheel drive track in the Tahoe area the year after a big series of fires. We dried a ton and had killer soups and...
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Installed Victory Blitz sliders. Had to cut the factory steps, wire up new rock lights, and bolt up and adjust. A great rainy day project.
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    Best rooftop cargo box

    We have A few Thule and Yakima boxes of different sizes from long and narrow to XL to meet our varying needs as sometimes I solo and sometime take our family of five. All boxes were picked up on Craigslist for less than $200. Our beater slim Yakima is awesome for carrying wood for the fire or...
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    Specialty coffee setups (ultra coffee snobbery)

    Handpresso and Jetboil French press gets us our fix In a jiffy. A handful of packets of Via For self-loathing lazy moments.
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    Overlanding with a large family

    Great post. After a decade of upsizing vehicles for our three kids (12,9,7) we decided to change philosophy last year and go a bit smaller on our off-road vehicle (formerly F-250 and Sequoia) to improve our off-road capability And get out farther. We have a Lexus GX460 (pretty much a 4Runner...
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    What is your favorite overland/camp stove?

    Craigslist find Camp Chef Mountaineer. Because I couldn’t wait for nor really afford that beautiful 22” partner stove.
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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Spare tie rod ends. I’ve spent too long on shiny things and now focused on always making it home from longer treks. Plan to buy a pickle fork.
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    Thoughts and reasons for your chosen rig

    Lexus GX460. Because we go out far with three young kids and always need to make it home. And we chose over a 4-runner simply based on comfort in our middle age and over a Land Cruiser because of budget. 10 years ago it was 4-runner all the way.
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    proper cargo tie down on roof rack

    We use Frontrunner Stratchits with eye bolts based on several recommendations to hold down our T4 tent on our rack. I was nervous for the first few trail sessions but they have been easy and rock solid and there has been little movement. I would sleep better using ratchet straps but since...
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    Leaving your 12v fridge plugged in?

    We run our ICECO that has the same compressor unit pretty much non-stop. When we aren’t using it on the trail we use it as a second freezer to keep ice packs frozen for cheese and wine shipping for our little winery. Well run into the ground and then repair or replace.
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    What is the best thing you bought for Overlanding?

    Our Iceco Fridge and a Nemo Roamer mattress. I’m getting soft in my middle age. It used to be recycled throw-away styrofoam box cooler from the alley behind the town florist and a 3/4 length 1/2” thick army foam pad My grandfather gave me.
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    Hi All, We just picked up our first ever vehicle to be built into a purpose-built overlanding rig and I’m very excited to learn and share with the community here. I have a family of five so intend to engage our three young kids with exploration. Location: San Francisco Bay Area peninsula RIg...