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    Ct meet and greet

    I did the trans mass trail with a buddy today. Wasn’t sure if that concrete barrier was down. Thankfully it was. We did 110ish miles it was 75% dirt road. Around miles 70-85 it was more pavement than dirt. At mile 85 that’s Greenfield center. From there we took the Puppy Dog trail to VT. Once we...
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    Cordless electric chainsaw

    I have been impressed with my little 12" 20v Dewalt saw. With a higher AH battery it lasts pretty long. I have a bunch of Dewalt tools so this just fits in line with those.
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    US East Air Armor M240 Compressor, GoTreads, and Slumberjack Tire Bag

    Compressor and bag are gone. Only thing left is the traction boards.
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    US East Air Armor M240 Compressor, GoTreads, and Slumberjack Tire Bag

    Decided to change up the configuration and some of the gear in my Jeep so getting rid of it. All items located in Mass. Air Armor M240 Compressor has been awesome but I took out the ammo can mounts and no longer will be using this. Awesome condition. $125 GoTreads used a few times to get...
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    For Sale - Boston, MA - Used Roam Adventure RTT w/Annex - $2000 obo - Pick up Only

    Is this the vagabond or the vagabond XL?
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    Ct meet and greet

    You will have to wait another month or two to be able to do it. Went to go do it yesterday and huge cement boulders blocking the road in Middlefield, MA. I only got 32miles done of it. There is possibly a way around the boulders through the WMA and the Forest right near there but didn't go...
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    Cape Cod

    Sorry. Let me clarify. I mean it from a truck perspective. Only way to get out there and camping in a truck is a slide in.
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    Cascadia 4x4 VSS Hood Mount Solar Panel

    Anyone have one or know anyone that runs one? Yes it's 4x more expensive than putting a 100watt panel on your hood and fabricating mounts. I'm more curious on people's experiences. (link for reference is for a JK but it's made for other vehicles as well)...
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    Cape Cod

    Def only slide in's with gray and black water tanks. I looked at this for months and tried to find ways around it but no dice. The same/similar rules apply to Nauset Beach as well.
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    How are you hauling your Gazelle T4 tent?

    Mine is on the rack as well. If it's going to rain I'll just wrap it in a tarp since I generally carry a tarp with me anyway.
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    Rock Hard 4X4

    I run one of their winch places and it's good quality. Can't speak for their sliders though.
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    Request for Information: Stock 2020 Wrangler Sahara Capability

    Not having a matching spare could be problematic off-road. However, going with someone and having recovery gear and a matching spare your Jeep could navigate probably a 4 with a new driver without damage. Anything above that you want sliders. That’s my .02. Witn an experienced driver as well as...
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    Overlanding in New England

    While the amount of land is not the same, just travel north and hit the VT and NH class IV and VI roads as well as the forest roads in those states. Certainly better options there than there is in MA.
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    Who else brings a grill?-1 cooking device to rule them all!

    I use the two burner stove with the lodge grill/griddle cast iron part as well. That does everything from pot cooking to grille to griddle eggs and bacon and such. It also folders up small. I toyed with the idea of a skottle but can't boil large pots of water so I'd have to bring another...
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    Engel questions

    I think half the battle for all of us is finding the sweet spot in everything. Capability, storage capacity, gear, etc...
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    Engel questions

    We don't have to wait 50 years but more than a handful to say it's a long term winner. I wouldn't be able to fit in a lot of places in New England with a 3/4 ton diesel truck. The JKU is even too big in some areas. The landscape is a little different up here as opposed to Texas or the West...
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    Recommendation for folding table

    I’ve tried a bunch of tables and landed on the Tepui as my favorite so far. It’s huge, which is a downfall as well if you don’t have enough space. Another one I liked was a folding bamboo table from amazon. I can’t think of the brand now.
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    Engel questions

    I have heard a lot of good things about snomaster, however no way anyone can put them in the same conversation as Engel for reliability as it’s just not proven yet. Not to say they are bad but they just haven’t been around long enough for proof. They were one of my choices to look at but they...
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    Jackery Power Station question.

    I do not have a Jackery, yet. I will get the 1000 when it goes on sale for 899 again. However I do have a 444wh battery, which will remain nameless as it's had some problems. I also have a 31qt fridge with a danfross so the compressor time is very comparable to an ARB/pre this gen Dometic for...
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    Any recommendatios for a foldable camp chair

    I bought mine from Front Runner as I couldn't find them either. I didn't get the bag though, figure they can handle the back of the Jeep.