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  1. Ragman

    A chicken in every pot, well at least chicken chili!

    This week I switched gears a bit and went with the white meat option. I think this is a great white chicken chili that couldn’t be easier in camp. Any white chili fans out there?
  2. Ragman

    Here is the recipe that demands you own an dutch oven! ( maybe that is a bit of a stretch...)

    Good morning all-the new video went up and it is a really tasty camp dessert that couldn't be easier. I'm sure that there are a ton of different versions of this amongst the group here and I would love to hear your favorite recipes for this simple dish so share away!
  3. Ragman

    What is the Quintessential Camp Food?

    If there is one food that defines the vision of "camping" food what would you say it is? This week I posted my video on the food that I think fits the bill. Let's see what everyone thinks is the definitive image of camping food!
  4. Ragman

    Black Bean Burgers And A Couple Snow Peak Cookers

    Morning all, I am a bit off-cycle here but patio duty called. Here is a recipe (link) for our favorite black bean burgers and we smoked some portobello mushrooms to toss on. We used the Snow Peak BBQ Box and Smokemeister so I thought you might find it interesting-Enjoy.
  5. Ragman

    Anyone like poached eggs cooked in a sauce?

    Morning all-my latest YouTube video went up this morning and I put the dutch oven away and cooked on the stove. This one is easy. very good and would make a top notch breakfast for a trip. I hope you think it looks as good as I do and you try it!
  6. Ragman

    A Recipe to Take You Way Back

    Good morning and Happy Mother's Day to anyone fitting that bill! My latest just posted and it may take some of you back to fond memories-Check it out and let me know what you think. Easy and delicious.
  7. Ragman

    More Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

    If we think finding a camping site is difficult now here is an excerpt from an article in Taste regarding the changes in outdoor some old book said "It was the best of times, It was the worst of times" “Everybody is probably telling you the same story,” says Matt Liddle, the COO of...
  8. Ragman

    Zarges and Alu-Box

    Not looking to start a comparison of the two or which is better so just a question. I see the lugs on the corners to hold them in place when stacked are different on the two boxes-does anyone know if they will work with one another, i.e. will they stack on each other just fine despite the...
  9. Ragman

    Spanish Tortilla

    Morning all-If you are looking for a great option for any time of the day, and meatless to boot if that matters to you, I just put up my new video. This is a Spanish Tortilla a in the dutch oven and it is really, really tasty. I hope you enjoy.
  10. Ragman

    Camp Kitchen Knives Explored

    Good afternoon all. We decided to put up some shorter videos called Just a Tip from Dickin' Around Outdoors that give our impressions of some of the gear we use-the first is kitchen knives for the chuck box-I hope you find it useful. If you have other knives or sets that you think are great...
  11. Ragman

    New Tamale Pie Recipe Just Posted

    Hey all, just to let you know that my new video just went up. Today's video is Tamale Pie in the dutch oven, another older school recipe that uses very little fridge/cooler space for ingredients. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Ragman

    A Great Campsite Salmon

    I just put up my next recipe on the channel. This one takes a turn to the more highbrow side of camp cooking but is still all done on the cookers I use at camp. I hope you enjoy it and try it-it is really good.
  13. Ragman

    Home Smoked Beef Jerky

    I have been making beef jerky for years as my kids love it. Normally I make it in my dehydrator but a friend of mine wanted me to make a video using my Hasty-Bake grill so I decided to smoke the jerky instead this time. This jerky is night and day from the same recipe in the dehydrator-I like...
  14. Ragman

    Salisbury Steak in Dutch Oven

    I thought I would post up this recipe. I am starting to do some sorta old school recipes on YouTube that limit the amount of refrigeration and cooler space needed as I think they are precious commodities! Let me know if this is something you guys find interesting and I will post them up when I...
  15. Ragman

    Garmin InReach SE+ at Costco

    If anyone is in the market and a member of Costco they have the InReach+ on sale right now for $229-seems like a solid deal to me.