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  1. Polaris Overland

    Adventure Overland Show - Stratford Upon Avon

    Having just returned from the Adventure Overland Show I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the members that came to camp, visit and say hello. It was great that old members were there to welcome new members and for the members that joined just before the Coronavirus Pandemic this...
  2. Polaris Overland

    Q&A with Michael & Corrie

    Ok folks I have an opportunity to ask Michael and Corrie questions directly on 23rd June. If you have any burning questions can you private message me the questions and I’ll put together a sheet of questions to put to them. This is your chance to get involved and have your say. Your local...
  3. Polaris Overland

    Findhorn Overnight Stopover

    after discussions with Findhorn Conservation Village I’m pleased to announce vehicles with roof tents will be able to use the Stopover. Findhorn is a great stop off at the start or end of your NC500 tour. More details below MOTORHOME STOPOVER POINT UPDATE Our new stopover will be open from...
  4. Polaris Overland

    Late Spring Adventure Overland Show

    Visit Rally Point for details on joining the OB camp. Would anybody be interested in buying OB AO Show Polo Shirts or T-Shirts? I'm happy to discuss with Billy MacLeod Mbe and Duncan Crockett at VIA regarding getting something made up for the show. Also remember there is still OB Merchandise...
  5. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Late Spring Adventure Overland Show

    Its been a long time coming but here it is! The Show we have all been looking forward to. This show is as much about the social aspect as it is seeing some great Overland Builds and listen to a vast array of seminars. View Rally Point
  6. Polaris Overland

    Equipment Reviews - Tuff Trek Adventure Series Tent Mk1

    Here is a link to an equipment review we did for our roof tent. Hopefully it will be useful to some of you when considering a new purchase.
  7. Polaris Overland

    Let’s See Those Overland Vans

    I see many threads on builds where people are using the standard, Pick Up, LR Defender, Land Cruiser etc but how many are using a van as a base to build into their overland vehicle. We have moved from our trusty Defender that took us to Mongolia and all places in between to a VW 4motion...
  8. Polaris Overland

    Any VW Transporter Builds Out There.

    Anyone out there building a VW Transporter as their overland vehicle. We are in the process of outfitting a VW 4motion Transporter for our future overland trips replacing our work horse Land Rover Defender. We accept we are trading some off road capability for comfort but based on our previous...
  9. Polaris Overland

    Scotland and North England Rep

    Some know him as Stephen Waddell or Caspoint220 and from early on he has been leading the charge for Overland Bound and it’s members. Continually leading by example whether that be arranging Trail Guardian events, pick up and delivery services or Toffee Vodka drinking. Well now he has stepped...
  10. Polaris Overland

    Virtual Meet Up

    During the lockdown we had some good virtual campfires and although interest dwindled for a weekly virtual meet and life got in the way I still think it was a success with new members joining in to say hi. I think there is still an argument for a monthly virtual meet to give new members a...
  11. Polaris Overland

    Cancelled SUPPORT ALERT - Resolved

    MH and Andy have sadly due to Corona had to end their South Africa to London Trip and are now shipping their Land Rover Defender back to the UK from Durban. They are looking for anyone in the same situation who would like to share a container and the costs. This could be another vehicle in a...
  12. Polaris Overland

    A Small Chance At Freedom

    So as the lockdown has eased a little more we have managed to combine a trip away in our camper and a visit to see some of our grandkids for the first time in months. It’s not a great adventure but for us it’s another little step back to normality.
  13. Polaris Overland

    Scotland Covid 19 Lockdown Relaxation

    Current relaxation guidelines for Scotland
  14. Polaris Overland

    West Europe - Guidelines For Group Meetings

    Overland Bound – Western European Region Guidelines for Group Meetings As the lockdown eases across the UK we thought it appropriate to issue a statement for members planning on either organising or attending rally points and large group meets. The official position of OBHQ is that all...
  15. Polaris Overland

    Finally Some Light at the End of The Tunnel For Overlanders

    The 2020 show season for Overlanders has been pretty much decimated to the point Overlanding has ceased to exist as a participation event almost worldwide due to Covid-19. Our Overlanding itch has been scratched by working on our vehicles, keeping in contact via social media with other...
  16. Polaris Overland

    Overland Campervan Builds

    So it seems more and more members are looking at the Overland Campervan route so this is a place marker to allow specifically van overlanders to share information and support. So lets see what you have done or are doing with your vans.
  17. Polaris Overland

    Overland Bound One Now In App Store

    Overland Bound One is now available in the Apple App Store. For those with Android it has been available about a week.
  18. Polaris Overland

    Overland Bound Hi Viz Jackets

    Hi Viz for OB members. Thanks to Duncan and Billy of VIA for help. If you can let me know your thoughts and interest I’ll get something sorted. The Trail Guardian ones I’m looking at getting a central stash that can be sent out to Trail Guardian organisers and then returned on completion, you...
  19. Polaris Overland

    Nice to get out

    Finally got out for a taste of freedom and a socially distanced run out to #slainscastle in the van today . . #overlandbound #ob3057 #adventureisnecessary #outfitandexplore #trailguardian #overlandboundwesteurope #vanlife #vwswampers #vwtransporter
  20. Polaris Overland

    Trail Guardians

    Following on from @caspoint220’s Facebook poll about hi viz vests for OB Trail Guardian events. I think we have all seen the shocking pictures of all rubbish left behind by shameless idiots as the lockdown has eased so I’m pretty sure we all have local areas we can clean up even as part of our...