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  1. MTB-WI

    Member Rides

    Here’s my two Overland rigs. My 2015 Tacoma and my street legal license and insured Motoped. 
  2. MTB-WI

    7 Hour Plane Crash Trail

    Sound like a trail I will need to run soon.
  3. MTB-WI

    Advice: Newbie Rig Setup (RTT/Trailer/Squaredrop??)

    I waited till I hit 70k on my 2015 Tacoma before I really made any big purchases. I wanted to know What I needed and Why I needed it. There are many choices and many of them most likely are not right for you. I stated with just my ground tent, stove and camp kitchen. I do recommend an...
  4. MTB-WI

    Chicagoland/NWI overlanders looking for adventure

    We are planning a trip to the Manistee National Forest in October, We are in Wisconsin, so we are taking the Ferry over. - I think there is about 6 rigs coming now. You can join our FB Group - Wisconsin Overland
  5. MTB-WI

    Any Fellow Michigander?

    Alright well, I look forward to meeting you again!
  6. MTB-WI

    Any Fellow Michigander?

    You were at Expo East with American Adventurist?
  7. MTB-WI

    Any Fellow Michigander?

    I will be at KOAR. I am one of the people running KOAR. Let me know if you have any questions
  8. MTB-WI

    Hello Overland Bound

    Nice Rig, If you evert make it to Wisconsin feel free to reachout to me, I can show you some great places to overland
  9. MTB-WI

    Overland Pioneers is giving away KOAR tickets

    Overland Pioneers is giving away free KOAR tickets. They posted the Details on their instagram Click Here - Overland Pioneers giveaway
  10. MTB-WI

    US Midwest Gear Swap meet / Grillout

    We are ending summer with a Gear Swap meet, come show off your Overland Rig, Grill out, Buy and Sell Overland and Adventure gear!!! Meet other Overland Bound members. Sunday, August 4th 3-6 pm 5297 Edith Ln Roscoe, IL 61073
  11. MTB-WI


    I will be there - I will be leaving on the 10th of September. I am still planning my trip in the UP. I will be leaving from the Milwaukee area
  12. MTB-WI

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    In the last 4 days I installed a front runner roof rack and awning on my 2015 Tacoma. I also mounted my Xbull recovery track on my roof rack. I still need to adjust my awning a bit and find two more knobs so I can get rid of the wing nuts.
  13. MTB-WI

    Fridge vs powered 12V Cooler

    I use a small 12 volt cooler for sandwiches and drinks while I am driving, That way I don't need to pull over to get lunch out of my cooler. It plugs in to my accessory outlet. It is very inefficient so I only run it while my engine is running. It cools with a peltier unit which is able to...
  14. MTB-WI

    KC Highlight Video T-Shirt Contest

    Saw your KC highlighter video I'd like a T-Shirt!!!! Size does not matter for me.
  15. MTB-WI

    Anyone interested in overland trauma/1st aid training?

    @Outdoor Steve Let me know if I can assist you in any way. I am a firefighter and a EMT.