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  1. phlfly

    Cordless electric chainsaw

    Hi all Question is what size of the chainsaw to buy 12 inch or 10 inch ? I know bigger better but more space and weight . Makitta vs Ryobi? 199 dollars Makitta vs Ryobi 169 dollars in home depot . I live east cost around the Appalachian mountains
  2. phlfly

    AGM dual battery charging from solar

    I was looking but never find anything sub forum that talks about battery charging. So I have Nissan XD with two AGM in parallel circuit and I'm looking to add a charging controller that will take from regulated Solar panels (Rockpals) and will regulatory charge battery as I will need . I can't...
  3. phlfly

    Full size building rigs price

    I wonder what is prices for the full ready rig for the oveelanding. Like Trucks vs wagon style trucks. The rig should have some kind drawers system , kitchen pull out and unfolds like trail kitchen, water tank, rtt , 2-3 inch with 35's , lights, air pump build in, radio build in.
  4. phlfly

    Overlanding/Camping holster

    What kind do you use gun holster ? Just wonder what is really comfortable . I like metal guns, like Berretta or Taurus, all 9 mm guns. I feel no reason to shoot or not time to shoot, but use hammer weapon.
  5. phlfly

    Upper Peninsula travel, MI to WI

    Hi mates, Looking hit a road over summer on toward Peninsula from VA. I hope stop by Detroit on one day as never been there. Eat a good food and hit road next day toward Wilderness park . Than to Upper Peninsula. Look Gaia it looks like lots good trails everywhere. But looking see lighthouses...
  6. phlfly

    Battery type for the running flood lights at camp

    I'm looking advice to battery type to run flood light at camp sight . I have two Rok10 flood beam from lightforce . So running them at eventing near camo site . I have Titan it uses 2 35 type batteries . So my question is AGM , deep cycle ...... Thanks
  7. phlfly

    Power Generators video

    I wanted to share with I have no option on this video but just be aware when you are about spend 500 to 1,000 dollars
  8. phlfly

    Truck Builds on Youtube.....Became....

    I have been watching overland trips and truck building for long time on YouTube, it's like replaced my sports and hollywood movies, but this is getting dry too as well. What is I'm noticed it's all Tacoma trucks and nothing more and all same, like all this can be get from your living room...
  9. phlfly

    NVA Your Vehicle build help - Voodoo Automotive

    Hello all, I have seen thousand post about where to go ? But not really a lot where can you build your vehicle with overland equipment. In NOVA pretty much no shops to have a help to build your vision, well I found one. I'm not make any commissions or profit form them. It's just good word about...
  10. phlfly

    Michigan Explore Route ?

    Hi, I'm planning for next year to do something different than usual go and explorer Michigan and WISCONSIN and back to home Va . I wanted definitely stop Detroit at least try some thier speciality food. I will appreciate if someone point to recourses and route with camping in RTT . Thank you...
  11. phlfly

    Road Runners chair review

    I got them to save some space as you can see in picture it fits between fridge and Trail kitchen box just perfect so dog can pass thru easy as before that would be mess. Ok now about comfort: it's really great for the eating as sitting position just perfect either at table or just holding...
  12. phlfly

    16' Titan XD 4 Pro4x

    Slow and but steady pace I go what I was looking to get out from this truck. Yes it's not rock crawler but I was looking something that would comfortable on long drives like 500-1000 miles in one day and to get there as far it can take me without brake anything . I think it can take many trail...
  13. phlfly

    iKamper buying review

    I have review for you the dealing when I was buying iKamper from Off-road tents. I have placed ordered on June 6 . Off-road tents told be the delivery will be end the June somewhere is near June 25-26. It was fine with as I planned vacation at July 18. My wife running daycare business so she has...
  14. phlfly

    Next project suggestion

    hello, I have Titan XD, got all tent, awning, lift (level kit ), good 34 tires, decked drawers system, trail kitchens and other bunch staff, even 10 gal water tank. So i'm looking for the suggestion on my list IronMan or Tuff Stuff synthetic rope, removing some diesel regeneration valve, front...
  15. phlfly

    Costway fridge and Kyng power station

    I got Costway and Kyng 500 w station . So put at test at home . We keep 73 F but we cook at home a lot plus we have bunch kids at home all time . I have fridge load with water wine and beer . Set point at -1 C. The fridge flux between -2 C to 2 C. So power draw about 55w to 75 w as it feels...
  16. phlfly

    Track rail routing adapter for lights

    Looking for the adapter that could go into rail system like Yakima or Thule so than mount flood light. Thanks
  17. phlfly

    Family travel a better choice

    Hi all. It might been ask thousands time but I'm lazy to search thru all threads to find a advice . But I would like ask for the family of 4 travel . Kids are early teens age . Consider two trades finish to build my truck Titan XD with 6.6 bed or buy a trailer like we wanted OPUS. The trailer is...
  18. phlfly

    Suspension question

    I got truck with already rear air bag/spring were installed bt previous owner. So I took for quick trip for off road, to try truck and to know limits. So what is interested with airbag it would not flex much and keep wheel on ground, check pictures below. Airbag at 10 psi each as I read 5 psi is...
  19. phlfly

    Camping everywhere

    Even Christmas Eve in hotel and why not ?
  20. phlfly

    VA, DC, MD - Peter's Mill ride/camp

    Anyone interested togo Peter's Mill ride and may be camp as weather would not be freezing rain. I'm looking to go on may be (flexible) Thru, Fri, Sat?