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  1. pacificnorthtaco

    Washington Backcountry Discovery Route 2018.

    I'll be attempting a few sections this summer as well! Thanks for all the helpful information - buying the hard copy of the map now!
  2. pacificnorthtaco

    Another PNW Taco

    Hello! Josh here - I've been ghosting around the forums for a bit, but wanted to finally make a little post since becoming a true member. My goal is to be more active in the forums/local groups this summer! My truck is a 2013 Tacoma TRD Sport. Currently my 'main things' are KO2's on stock...
  3. pacificnorthtaco

    NF 500 The Lolo Motorway

    Cheers on this information! I'll keep all of this in mind as I near May for the trip. Either way - it seems like there's a lot of fun stuff along 12, I'm excited to spend a couple days exploring this area.
  4. pacificnorthtaco

    NF 500 The Lolo Motorway

    Thanks for the good write up on this! I'll be traveling from Seattle to Missoula in May for a family member's graduation, and found this post on the motorway. My initial plan would be to get a full day of freeway/highway driving down to Lolo Creek Campground, stay a night there, then plan two...
  5. pacificnorthtaco

    Washington State Loops

    Fort Casey has a fun, little campground right next to the ferry terminal for the Port Townsend ferry. It sounds intrusive, but there was something soothing about a massive ferry silently pulling in at night right in front of us while we sat at the campfire!