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  1. TheBison

    Southern Wyoming in June - what to do?

    So, here's the dilemma: we are going to a wedding near Jackson, Wyoming, in June. The wedding concludes late Saturday night and we're getting a hotel room that night, but we have from Sunday morning until Monday night before we have to be home in central Colorado. What could we do with the ~36...
  2. TheBison

    Third try - now a Bison!

    I'll start my build thread here and see how quickly our build progresses - or not! This is our third off-road vehicle that we've built for more serious backcountry use, and the lessons learned from those builds will definitely influence this one. In December of 2020 we decided to splurge and...
  3. TheBison

    Gold Camp Road/Old Stage Road, current conditions

    Hi all, I'm new here but thought I'd throw this out there: we drove Gold Camp Road and Old Stage Road from Cripple Creek/Victor to Colorado Springs this afternoon. Gold Camp Road from West to East is fine and a fun drive; it's just snow covered and a little slick in spots. HOWEVER, Old Stage...