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  1. mrseth

    Resolved Membership Bar

    Can someone add the "Member" bar under my profile photo??? Have been a member for several years now, just never cared about asking for it until now!!
  2. mrseth

    OB Members Colorado

    Whatsup guys! I'm located in Loveland CO, look forward to seeing you guys out on the trails!!!!
  3. mrseth

    2000 Disco Upgrades

    DANG. that thing is clean! Nice work, keep up the upgrades!!! :)
  4. mrseth

    2021 Bronco

    Welp. My wallet just got much warmer. I'm going to need one of these.
  5. mrseth

    New member!

    Welcome! Happy to see another Yota on board!!!
  6. mrseth

    Before Overland Bound - What you drove/rode before joining?

    Before OB, I drove a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT, 1999 Chevy K2500, 1968 Ford Mustang GT Coupe, 2004 Honda Accord, then a 1984 Jeep XJ.
  7. mrseth

    A/T, M/T or R/T tires??!! What's your thoughts and opinion?

    I have run all 3 on my 2004 Toyota 4Runner. Here's a quick overview and my opinion on each. (click the tire model to travel to the manufacturers website to find out more info) Radials Michelin Defender LTX: 265 60r17- these were pretty good when I was stock. The compound was nice in the rain...
  8. mrseth

    Rig Photos

    OB#2197 "Sasha"
  9. mrseth

    Lets see some trail photos!

    Just got back from Moab, UT! Anyone know if I can order a replacement badge? Getting a little old.
  10. mrseth

    Rig Photos

  11. mrseth

    Trend Shift! From LED to Halogen: what say you?

    This is my setup- a combination of both. 2x 24W 3x3 ditch lights (amber covers in the glovebox) Used for mountain roads at night to catch deer eyes and cut through fog 6k LED headlights (not bad IMO) 7x KC Daylighters with Hella 55W (100w was too much draw for the 1 40A relay I had) Used for...
  12. mrseth

    Trend Shift! From LED to Halogen: what say you?

    My younger brother has 5x rigid cubes on his Raptor- they are VERY bright and the lux is pretty impressive.
  13. mrseth

    Trend Shift! From LED to Halogen: what say you?

    Idk why, maybe because it was big during my childhood, but the Halogens have a certain appeal to me. Just neat stuff.
  14. mrseth

    Proper Bilstein 5100 Pre-Load?

    Hey guys and gals, Awhile ago I upgraded from a Rancho 2.5" Quicklift to the Bilstein 5100s. I kept the springs that came with the Rancho kit and am using them on my Bilsteins. My question is- how can you tell or feel what proper pre-load is? When I hit ditches going 30-40, I smack my...
  15. mrseth

    Type 1 Diabetes & The Wild

    @James_Girard and @Slimpartywagon I am sorry to hear this guys... To be completely honest, some days it is extremely difficult getting out of bed in the morning, and strict dieting makes eating just not fun sometimes. Growing up with Type 1, my dad kicked my butt and didn't let me sit around...
  16. mrseth

    What's your MPG (fuel economy) on the road.

    11.4 city and 14.1 hwy if I stay below 80mph
  17. mrseth

    Type 1 Diabetes & The Wild

    So having Type 1 DM and being away from civilization ISNT as scary as you'd think! Here is my list of prep items and common signs I watch for with my body while in the wilderness to keep myself safe(ish) when an ambulance cannot reach my location. DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nor a nurse...
  18. mrseth

    Trend Shift! From LED to Halogen: what say you?

    I run those rock lights as well! It is great for camping, and the kiddos love it when we turn them on at night going places. IPF is good, the only reason I got KC is that I got a heck of a deal from a friend, I'd honestly prefer Hella, but those are waaayyy pricey for my build.
  19. mrseth

    Trend Shift! From LED to Halogen: what say you?

    Thank you @KonzaLander @James_Girard @WAYAWAY @USStrongman @RoarinRow @MMc @Sasquatch SC @MidOH @Slimpartywagon @Seanm26 for your responses and conversations! I love reading different facts, opinions and experiences with both types of lights. I for one run 7x KC 100w on my roof, 2x LED ditch...
  20. mrseth

    Rig Photos

    Lowe's parking lot snow obstacle 12/10 difficulty.