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  1. BikeManDan

    2018 Jeep JK - trouble (re)starting when hot

    Sorry, of course I should have been more thorough in my description. I also understand that a diagnosis my not be possible, but suggestions are appreciated. Yes, the JK has the 3.6 V6 with no engine modifications. The only thing the 2 dealers have done is to run diagnostic scans and no codes...
  2. BikeManDan

    2018 Jeep JK - trouble (re)starting when hot

    My friend has a 2018 Jeep JK with about 50,000 miles. Occasionally she has trouble (re)starting it when the engine is hot. The typical scenario is she drives is an hour or so, then stops to get gas, and it won't start when she wants to leave. She's had to two Jeep dealers, but both found...
  3. BikeManDan

    Peters Mill Run

    Has anyone been on Peters Mill Run recently? I'm wondering the condition of the trail. Muddy?
  4. BikeManDan

    DELMARVA locations?

    Thanks. I haven't heard of Trap Pond SP, I'll check it out.
  5. BikeManDan

    AC to 12 volt Power Supply

    That's a great point. I'm beginning to think that my original plan isn't practical. Perhaps Boostpowered's suggestion was the most practical.
  6. BikeManDan

    AC to 12 volt Power Supply

    Great...thanks! I checked Amazon before posting, but apparently my Amazon search skills were insufficient!
  7. BikeManDan

    AC to 12 volt Power Supply

    Thanks for your reply. I want to run it off AC (sometimes) because I also ride bicycles a lot, and using my compressor will be handy to inflate tubeless bike tires. It's not practical for me to run the compressor off the battery in my vehicle when I want to use it to inflate bike tires.
  8. BikeManDan

    AC to 12 volt Power Supply

    Is anyone familiar with an AC to 12 volt DC power supply that is sufficient to power a heavy duty portable air compressor? I'm familiar with bench top style AC to DC power supplies intended for electronic projects, but nothing that would be sufficient for a portable air compressor. The specs...
  9. BikeManDan

    What is your must cook meal or must have food for camping.

    I always bring a package or two of (store bought) lavash bread. It packs well, stays fairly fresh for a long time, and is really versatile. I use it for sandwich wraps, flat bread pizzas, and breakfast "burritos". I even use it for cheesesteak style sandwiches.
  10. BikeManDan

    Overland Bound One for iOS now available!

    For those who use an iPhone, the Overland Bound One app is now available on the Apple Store. I already had the Overland Bound Talk app (which didn't work for me), and the new "One" was an automatic update (and replacement) to "Talk". I've only played around with it for a short amount of time...
  11. BikeManDan

    Portable Refrigerators for full time use?

    I'm considering buying a portable refrigerator for part-time overland use, but when it's not being use for that, I'd keep it plugged into AC power in my family room to use for beverages. I know many full-time overlanders keep their portable refrigerators powered on all the time, but I'm...
  12. BikeManDan

    DELMARVA locations?

    Hi everyone, I can't wait to head out again after COVID-19! I'm planning a 4-5 night trip somewhere in DELMARVA and am looking for suggestions. I'm reasonably familiar with the area, but know there's always new places to discover. In the past I've stayed at Assateague/Chincoteague, Henlopen...
  13. BikeManDan

    Extreme Outback ExtremeAire compressors

    I'm in the market for a portable air compressor. Does anyone have opinions on Extreme Outback ExtremeAire compressors? I'm also considering ARB, Viair, Smittybilt, and Mean Mother, but the Extreme Outback models seem more robust (and cost a bit more). It would mainly be used to air up 33"...
  14. BikeManDan


    Hello, I’ve been active in the outdoors for most of my life (I’m 51), mainly riding my bicycle, but also a lot of hiking and camping. I bought my 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon to allow me to escape the city (I live in the Washington, DC metro area) and give me access to more remote locations...