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  1. Old Griz

    Overland guitar

    Just curious if anyone brings a guitar along? I am thinking of buying one soon and looking for ideas on make and model you use Thanks, Bill
  2. Old Griz

    Your one "must have"

    What one thing that is a must have for you that most folks probably wouldn't think to bring? For me it is my Vitamix blender because I can no longer swallow food so I have to juice or puree everything I eat. It is a major PITA but I'm alive to complain about it, so it's a good trade off
  3. Old Griz

    Truck bed trailer

    Has anyone here built a truck bed trailer for overlanding ? I built one from a a 1969 Chevy truck. It is used as a water hauler. We live in a class A motorhome in the mountains of north Idaho full time. I have 4 plastic food grade barrels laid horizontal in the trailer. The first 3 are for...
  4. Old Griz

    Army surplus uses??

    I was watching some videos where the guy was walking through a huge army surplus store in Idaho Falls . It got me to wondering if anyone has found good overlanding uses for surplus goodies ? (Other than humvees and 5 ton military trucks )
  5. Old Griz

    Let the fun begin! !

    We bought a second vehicle today, so I should be able to start improving the Suburban. We picked up a 2004 S10 blazer that's just over 200,000 miles and it's almost good as new. 1st owner was a local fire department as Chief's vehicle. 2nd owner received it as a wedding gift and drove it less...
  6. Old Griz

    Why ham radio vs cb radio??

    What are the advantages of having a ham radio and a cb radio or instead of cb?? I already have a cb in my suburban. It's a Uniden 787 with a .....hhmmm...I forget if it's a k30 or k40 antenna . It worked well back home in Michigan, but here in the mountains of north Idaho. ....not so much.
  7. Old Griz

    Looking at a new used rig tomorrow!

    We found a 1996 k2500 6.5 diesel suburban that looks promising. It has 195,000 miles and looks to have been pretty well cared for. Hoping for the best! !
  8. Old Griz

    Full time RVers here?

    Are there any other full-time RVers in the group?
  9. Old Griz

    Any good DIY accessories?

    Has anyone built their own bumpers, racks, rock sliders, etc? I guess I am used to the Jeep world where there is a lot of DIY goodies.
  10. Old Griz

    Any thoughts on this rig? $21,800 2,900 miles Has clean idaho title
  11. Old Griz

    Cargo trailer conversions anyone?

    I have been looking at some 6x12 single axle cargo trailers to make a camper out of. I will be living in it full time if everything works out right, pulled by my Suburban. I am thinking of doing a spring over lift on it to help the offroadability of it. Just wondering if anyone has done...