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  1. Boucher

    A quick mod today

    Today I fabricated up a removable table for the side of the Neon its far from being finished but basics are there
  2. Boucher

    Inflatable RTT

    Saw this thought it was kinda cool .. Anyone ever heard of the gentle tent? Cool but They are pricey
  3. Boucher

    ICELAND 2001

    Found some images of some Overlanding adventures while I lived in Iceland in 2001. He was a good Bronco to bad rust ate through his frame when I got it back to the states
  4. Boucher


    A combination of an Overlanding trip and visiting parents, mostly hard surface roads showing my daughter areas of interest for where I grew up and unfortunately no camping with exception of me staying in my parents RV due to space in the house lol.
  5. Boucher

    Quick weekend trip

    Wife and I decided to do a one night trip in to the mountains outside Harrisonburg VA . It was a nice and relaxing
  6. Boucher

    Quick Weekend trip

    Got back from almost 3 months overseas and needed some time away. We packed up and did a quick weekend trip to "the scales" in southern Va to see the wild ponies and hit a cool winery on the trek back
  7. Boucher

    PA-NJ Byway Late Oct

    I thought of doing part of the Appalachian byway end of Oct. Due time of a weekend maybe it will just be within PA, but wanted to start planning something, maybe I will modify the route and start in front royal through harpers ferry
  8. Boucher

    Maine Thanksgiving weekend?

    I know it's early but I'm going to visit my parents in Maine for two weeks over Thanksgiving if anyone heads out to the trails over that weekend for a day trip let me know Thanks
  9. Boucher

    Aluminum Storage box

    Anyone know a company in the states that makes abox similiar to this I'm looking to put some type of storage option in the front of my Fleetwood Neon need side openings because of the pop up
  10. Boucher

    Overlanding Iceland

    Some pictures I found when I lived in Iceland, I drove a 74 Bronco Back then
  11. Boucher

    Overlanding in Iceland 27 Dec - 03 Jan

    Having fun in Iceland traveling with my wife and Icelandic brother Oscar
  12. Boucher

    New Trailer

    Picked this up last week still going through everything ,came with alot of extras. tracked well behind my FJ, trailer was sent to be upgraded for the trail directly from manufacture
  13. Boucher

    Fuse box progress

    Worked a little bit on my aux fuse box tonight , slowly getting there soon wax string and clean up
  14. Boucher

    New toy

    Picked this up today at an estate custom built and used twice
  15. Boucher

    SOLD M100 Forsale with tent 1600.00

    I have an M100 Trailer I put together for some occasional trips, Nothing Fancy has a storage for parts upfront, center for personel gear and back has a small rv cabinet on one side with the other available to hold a cooler. Again nothing fancy but completes the Job. You will need to do the...
  16. Boucher

    Greetings from VA

    Hello all just found this site while waiting on a flight . Looks like a lot of good info , me I’ve been overlanding of some sorts since 1985 when I got my FJ40 , I’ve lived in Iceland and southamerica where I grew and learned the art of 4 wheeling better . Excited to possible meet some fresh...