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  1. Embark With Mark

    Budget Overland Solar Setup?

    For the past few years I have been running my ARB Fridge off a single battery in my Jeep. Normally we can go for about two days comfortably before the Jeep needs to be started to recharge the battery. With a new long trip in the planning stages I decided it was time to add some solar power to my...
  2. Embark With Mark

    What is your favorite overland/camp stove?

    Not many things are more crucial to a good trip than a nice meal. Having the tools to cook a nice meal can be hard to come by especially with all the different fuel types and makes of stoves that exist. I have used all sorts of Coleman stoves, backpacking stoves, single burner and duel burner...
  3. Embark With Mark

    Is camping a viable alterantive to hotels when traveling?

    Over the holidays my wife and I drove to CA in order to visit some family. On the way we decided to skip hotels and camp out, this turned out to be a great decision because we ended up finding an amazing hot spring in Nevada. Needless to say we ran behind schedule because we just had to test the...
  4. Embark With Mark

    Battery Maintenance - Is this something you do?

    Lately, due to our current situation, I have been driving less. The Jeep comes out about every two weeks or so. In order to keep the battery conditioned, I installed a modular solar system. What methods do you use to extend the life of your battery? Solar, battery tender, Solar battery tender...
  5. Embark With Mark

    Gandy Warm Springs

    We were unable to visit family for Thanksgiving this year so we celebrate in our own way, with some exploring of course! Our trip was short and didn’t last long, but visiting Gandy Warm Springs and this area of the west desert has us eager to put here more. Who else was able to get out for the...
  6. Embark With Mark

    What do you use for camp light?

    As we continue to camp and overland we find ourselves always tweaking the setup we have. I think this is pretty normal but also never ending. One thing that we have had a great issue with is camp light. Finding something both affordable but also not over the top was a goal. Not only are we on a...
  7. Embark With Mark

    What is your favorite place to test gear?

    Turns out, Moab is the perfect place to test a new setup. After dealing with a failing transmission, I proceeded to swap in an AX-15 from advance adaptors. At the same time we changed our sleep setup from a ground tent to a Crashpad double swag. All in all we are loving our new setup, although...
  8. Embark With Mark

    The Best Tent Ever, Maybe?

    The quest to find the perfect tent has been a rough one for me. When I was single and in warmer weather a cot, or ground mat was perfectly fine for me. When my wife and I started dating we used my, very small, back packing tent with two blow up hiking mats. We tried two Roof Top Tents both on...
  9. Embark With Mark

    Two Zip Ties - Budget Mods

    Wrangler Owners will understand the pain when they go to remove their air box. One of the quick clips lie impossibly close to the fuse box making it impossible to use without tools. Many other vehicles have the same issue. So here is an almost free and easy fix. Post up your budget mods!
  10. Embark With Mark

    Do You Carry Spare Parts?

    Do you carry spare parts in your rig? If so what do you carry with you? I am interested to see what everyone carries in their rigs. We all carry sort of tools in our rigs, but lately I have started to look at the spares I carry with me. Recently, I have been on this weight shedding kick and...
  11. Embark With Mark

    Your Experience With San Rafael Swell?

    A few weekend ago the wife and I decided to head out for the weekend. We ended up going through San Rafael Swell. It was amazing! The area is beautiful. We also caught the Neowise comet which was a great experience for us. We loved our short time out in this area and are itching to explore more...
  12. Embark With Mark

    Offroad Trailer Brakes - Yes or No?

    Back on the Cheap Jeep Trailer. This time we wire up the trailer brakes. Something that should have been done long ago. Also, we move from a 4 pin to a 7 pin connector. I have built trailers without brakes and trailers with. Would you run trailer brakes on your offroad trailer? Why or why not...
  13. Embark With Mark

    What Is Your Favorite Modification?

    So after years of toting around a table, sometimes shoved inside sometimes shoved on the roof, and opening that table every time we need to cook. (Admittedly I have a habit of rolling into my first night of camping rather late. Having to setup a table late at night, in addition to setting up...
  14. Embark With Mark

    4th Of July Weekend Grand Staircase To Lake Powell

    Hi everyone, I hope your independence day weekend was filled with adventure. This time we set our sites on Grand Staircase. While we where only there for a short period of time, the area is absolutely wonderful and filled with fantastic views. We are no where near done with this area and expect...
  15. Embark With Mark

    Which Way Does Your RTT Open?

    So in my efforts to remove the RTT from the roof of my jeep and install it on a trailer that I have been slowly working on, I decided it would be fun to build a roof rack that would allow a roof top tent to be mounted in any direction. I thought that having the the tent open up to the rear and...
  16. Embark With Mark

    Cheap Jeep Trailer DIY Spare Tire Carrier

    Its time to resurrect the Cheap Jeep Trailer. This has been a project for some time now and honestly, was a project that fell off my radar for a while. But now I think its time to bring it back. So, this time I build a spare tire carrier for the trailer project out of an old bent axle shaft. The...
  17. Embark With Mark

    Three Things I Hate About My Roof Top Tent

    At the start of this year, we decided to give a Roof Top Tent mounted on top my Jeep a shot to see if we would like it. We have had a Roof Top Tent mounted on a trailer before, but this time we felt like a trailer would limit us. So after a few months of using this tent on the roof of a Jeep, TJ...
  18. Embark With Mark

    LifeSaver Water filter, How Do You Filter Water?

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Like you all I am super excited to get out and explore! However, like the title states, I wanted to make a thread questioning the validity of filtering water vs storing enough to carry with us. For us we currently use a LifeSaver Jerrycan. I bought...
  19. Embark With Mark

    Simple Overland Water System?

    Here is one of my two water systems that I use when exploring/overlanding. What do you use for water? How do you carry it? How would you carry it if space was tight? $60 DIY Overland Onboard Water System
  20. Embark With Mark

    Easy Hand Washing Trick

    Made this little video to help everyone out. It's so useful! Do you agree? Or do you have a better setup for washing hands? On a serious note, we use this mainly for off-roading and camping. Its super handy to be able to wash your hands before diving into cooking dinner, or building a mean...