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  1. WJ - Firefly

    Friday Night HAM Radio NET

    I have been trying to get on for about a year, on DMR. Last friday I was able to hear bits and pieces of the net, but it was not continuous. I am using a pi-star setup for DMR only. I have Brandmeister DMR Bridge 3148905 and K4CEG configured as static talk groups, and at net start I link to...
  2. WJ - Firefly

    Let's see those rigs in action

    Oh she's a Nanny goat. 8>D
  3. WJ - Firefly

    Friday Night HAM Radio NET

    Still trying to get DMR working. New radio (DJ-MD5). I have never tried DMR before. Got into D-Star just a month ago. Not connecting properly to the TG. I am not sure if it is the radio setup or my hotspot setup. I will try to get it sorted out by next Friday. Monitoring on the WEB...
  4. WJ - Firefly

    US Southeast Southeast Summit at the Farm

    I will try to make this. 8>D
  5. WJ - Firefly

    US Southeast GEARS & BEERS

  6. WJ - Firefly

    US Southeast GEARS & BEERS

    Rig is down for an engine, but I will be there in my DD.
  7. WJ - Firefly

    Ham Radio - HF/VHF/UHF

    In addition to HF, VHF and UHF, I run a SDR connected to my Android based car radio. This allows me to also monitor ADS-B aircraft traffic and pretty much anything else within the SDR's frequency range (60Mhz-~1600Mhz). I also run a scanner for public service/civil emergency services as well...
  8. WJ - Firefly

    Startup/vehicle choice

    The L6 (4.0) generally has a longer life than the V8 4.7 but as long as the v8 is maintained and kept from overheating it does very well. But I like the 45RFE tranny that comes with the V8 better than the 42RFE normally with the six. My wife has an L6 '99' and mine is a V8 '00'. Both were...
  9. WJ - Firefly

    Startup/vehicle choice

    I am biased towards the WJ (second gen Grand Cherokee), but I don't think you can go wrong with a YJ, TJ or LJ either. The sweet thing about jeeps is there are a ton of aftermarket parts available and the prices are competitive. My WJ has a shorter wheel base than the JKs and turns well on...
  10. WJ - Firefly

    Hello from France

    Welcome to the Forum! Looking forward to the pics!
  11. WJ - Firefly

    Big Tuna Presents: Pegasus Rising

    Very nice! I had a similar idea, but tucked them up under the back of the winch mount plate. Also tied to the factory circuit but I had to replace the factory connectors because one was intermittent.
  12. WJ - Firefly

    Big Tuna Presents: Pegasus Rising

    Wow! Keep us up to date a as to how everything works! Damn! I am jealous...
  13. WJ - Firefly

    How About the WJs?

    WoW! Very Nice!!
  14. WJ - Firefly

    Greetings from KY

    Used to go to Wilderness Trail in Bell county. Other than that, I run trails and creekbed in Casey county. Been to Redbird SRA up in Indiana, as well as Badlands in NW Indiana. Would like to go to Wildcat soon, it is only an hour form my house, but gotta do some axle and suspension work on...
  15. WJ - Firefly

    Greetings from KY

    Welcome to the forum, Phil! Hope to see ya round the trails of Kentucky!
  16. WJ - Firefly


    Thanks Steve!
  17. WJ - Firefly

    How About the WJs?

    I have been prepping a used Varilock to go in the rear. My current axle is doing weird things when turning to the right at low speed. I think the lunchbox is probably toast. Suspect most of the bearings too. So will do this swap as a temporary. Hope to get a dana 60 from East Coast Gear and...
  18. WJ - Firefly

    El Cheapo Jeep WJ Build-ish.

    Just had to put a battery in mine last month, but it was the battery that came with it when I bought it three years ago, so I think it did OK.
  19. WJ - Firefly

    How much led light is too much led lights?

    Seems like I am going blind in my old age, I can't imagine "too much led lights". I am running around 47,000+ out the front, which works pretty well. I need to add some around the other sides and quartering off the front (ditch lights). That said, I always check my current draw against what...