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  1. AntipplFx4

    Arizona - Needing some ideas

    So I bought my truck a couple months back, haven't done anything other than a level, but really don't plan on doing much more other than tires, but want to get to know the truck more. New to off road, was always a car person, so looking for some good trails in the east valley area to get...
  2. AntipplFx4

    New Member from AZ

    Kinda copied my post from the general thread, but will elaborate more in the regional, where I'll likely be most active. 1) Picture! If you have a rig, we want to see it! No shortage of these, hobby phototaker for many years 2) Location: Florence, AZ 3) Rig: 2020 Ford Ranger XLT FX4, and 1998...