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  1. Badrun

    General discussion

    Dollar general
  2. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Some baja designs and a switch pro.
  3. Badrun

    Rig Photos

    Doing what i do
  4. Badrun

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    So this happened... Now saving for the comfort items begins.
  5. Badrun

    Rig Photos

    Got her clean after the trail for a few days had to post pictures.
  6. Badrun

    Camp Photos!

    Went climbing/camping at shelf road.
  7. Badrun

    Overlanders living in their rigs for extended periods of time?

    Since 2015 ive been hiking long trails and living out of a backpack. Earlier this year i was in the desert in souther california when i just got tired of walking. Bought a Tacoma, stayed at my parents for a few months while i worked on the truck. As of today i have been living/overlandingg for...
  8. Badrun

    What is your rigs name

    Toyota Tacoma
  9. Badrun

    Central Texas - Woohoo

    Who dis?
  10. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Yeah Red, thats no problem. Been busy over the weekend. i got a smitty built 10k. let me know when u are free im in tig all week
  11. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    SSO Slimline bumper, havent got the winch in the mail but i just couldnt help myself. just going to remove it when winch shows up.
  12. Badrun

    Event Cancelled - DFW Meet and Greet

    What is bucks because when i google DFW Bucks it comes up with a strip club. Now, im not judging or anything i just diddnt know yall got down like that.
  13. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Thank you. Havent done anything inside the bed yet. going to build platform and drawer soonish i believe. will post the photos.
  14. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Thanks man, been working hard on it the past couple days.
  15. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Suspension finally happened. Ended up full OME hd kit leaf included with 886 and Total chaos UCA
  16. Badrun

    Rig Photos

    In Utah for the photo. Took it yeaterday. Currently at Arches.
  17. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Got the topper on. Truck is coming together, going to drive back to Texas slowly. Hopefully climb/hike. Pretty pleased with the Tradesman, some thigs im not the happiest about but overall its a win. Topper options: drivers side tool box and fold down work surface, fantastic fan, insulated...
  18. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    Got lucky and got a baja rack almost half off in ft collins.