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  1. Old Griz

    Overland Trailers

    Here's a link to a place in Texas that has a great selection of different military trailers. They have all sorts of military vehicles all the way up to 5 tons as well.
  2. Old Griz

    Let's see those rigs in action

    The great green beast in the Rockies of North Idaho.
  3. Old Griz

    Overland guitar

    Just curious if anyone brings a guitar along? I am thinking of buying one soon and looking for ideas on make and model you use Thanks, Bill
  4. Old Griz

    Theory vs reality

    I have been in 200+ demolition derbies in my life. The old bumper jacks could be easily modified as body tools. Weld a couple of hooks and use them to hook to the body panels you need to move and the other end to your truck or trailer.
  5. Old Griz

    Do you do all your own build labor?

    [QUOTE="MidOH, post: 430340, member: 40547 If you can't do it yourself, I'd limit my travel to reflect such. Don't go places where your suspension is going to fail, or the trucks has a risk of under body damage. I have to disagree a bit. Pushing the limits is how one grows both as a driver...
  6. Old Griz

    Do you do all your own build labor?

    Two things I never go without on a trip is a Haynes repair manual as well as a OBD2 scanner.
  7. Old Griz

    EDIT Post Falls/Stateline Area Rigs and Coffee

    No, my wife's Father only has 6 weeks or so to live. We are heading that way in the next couple of days and will be there as long as needed. We are both retired so we don't have to hurry back for work.
  8. Old Griz

    Rig Photos

    Our 2001 K2500 Suburban does everything we need it to. The only non stock parts are the wheels and the shackle mounts I built on the front. The bolt you see is not structural it just holds the brush guard up.
  9. Old Griz

    Do you do all your own build labor?

    Sounds like you are on the right track. Stop by almost any auto parts store and buy a Haynes and an OBD2 scan tool. The most mechanically reclined person can do a heck of a lot more than they think they can. The investment of $100~$175 will pay for itself the first time that you you don't have...
  10. Old Griz

    EDIT Post Falls/Stateline Area Rigs and Coffee

    That puts you roughly in my neighborhood, we are in St. Maries a little SE of CDA.
  11. Old Griz

    I am planning a trip from Michigan to Seattle along i90, Tips?

    You may not want to go back at first but the first all green fall season you will really want to go back Bill 9810
  12. Old Griz

    Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL Registry

    Is that from Suburban overland??
  13. Old Griz

    Aux battery

    Match the existing battery if it's not too old.
  14. Old Griz

    1994 Toyota 4Runner

    You can have the best of both worlds and run a K&N filter in the stock airbox.
  15. Old Griz

    Overlanding for cheaper than your cousin's brother in law builds

    I use a $8 harbor freight 8x10 camo tarp, zip ties, and Paracord. Everything it's made of is multi purpose.
  16. Old Griz

    Full-size storage/ table build

    I've found the Suburban/Yukon XL to be the perfect vehicle for me. It's nice not having to set up a ⛺ in the rain and snow. I never have been much into rock crawling so the stock IFS served my purposes quite well. My Suburban right now is a 2001 k2500 8.1 4L80E with full floating 14 bolt with a...
  17. Old Griz

    Need Help - Protecting Alternator/Car Battery From mud/water

    I avoid really deep mud just because I'm lazy and hate cleaning mud off of everything
  18. Old Griz

    "An ending is just another beginning."

    With a one click no start and works well at others I would look first at both ends of both battery cables. I think you have a corrosion issue on one of them. I would recommend replacing both of them, cheap insurance you can do in your own driveway. I build my own using heavy welding cable and...
  19. Old Griz

    "An ending is just another beginning."

    You can find them pretty cheap for a good loop at Summit or Jeg's
  20. Old Griz

    "An ending is just another beginning."

    Nice old Waggy!! If you need parts for it I have found a good source. They have everything from the smallest parts to entire vehicles. Parting with the FC had to be traumatic