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  1. Todd & Meg

    Meet & Greet and Camp in Mesa AZ.

    It was a great time even with the rain. Usery park was a great place for it being close by and easy to get to. Last I heard the group sites are closed due to Covid. I’ll have to make some phone calls. We had a few other spots but those are closed because of the fires.
  2. Todd & Meg

    Question for Subaru owners

    My daughter is looking to buy a 2017 Outback and we live on the edge of the desert outside of Phoenix. We have all kinds of desert creatures by our house that love to chew on wires on cars. We had a lot of problems with a VW (had to get it towed three times because it wouldn’t start). VW used...
  3. Todd & Meg

    US Southwest East Valley Meet and Greet Gilbert, AZ

    Plenty of room. Come on out.
  4. Todd & Meg

    US Southwest East Valley Meet and Greet Gilbert, AZ

    FYI...between Facebook and we have about 40 people coming to this meet and greet. We just don’t get many from OB. Todd
  5. Todd & Meg

    US Southwest East Valley Meet and Greet Gilbert, AZ

    FYI...between Facebook and we have about 40 people coming to this meet and greet. We just don’t get many from OB. Todd
  6. Todd & Meg

    What CB radio would you recommend

    Not sure I understand your comment “not ready to get into that yet.” About GMRS. Get a Midland Micro Mobile and its plug and play. Sure you have to get a license that’s $7.00 per year but other than that it plug in the coax cable on the magnetic antenna that it comes with, plug in 12v cigarette...
  7. Todd & Meg

    Arizona Overlanders

    We are starting up with the Meet and Greet again in 2020. Details are here. We are also going to try to setup another campout like we did in December (hopefully without the rain) before it gets too hot. Probably in March. Question...Do you want it close to the Valley like last time or would...
  8. Todd & Meg

    US Southwest East Valley Meet and Greet Gilbert, AZ

    This is a Meet and Greet in the East Valley but is open to anyone. Rudy's BBQ in Gilbert. 1733 N Higley Rd Gilbert, AZ 85234 We will meet at 6:30 if you are coming to eat, then will move out to the parking lot for awhile (If it is too hot we'll just stay inside). You are welcome to come at...
  9. Todd & Meg

    overland expo west 2020

    FYI the North Rim of the GC doesn't reopen till May 15th, that is when Expo starts. Last year there was still a lot of snow there in May from what I recall. All depends on how good of snow fall we have this year. So far it's been good. Might be worth a call to the park to make sure...
  10. Todd & Meg

    My take on a bed rack - now finished

    Why not use square or rectangle tube? Some 1X3 16 ga tube would look good and be fairly light weight. And much easier to attach stuff to than round tube. Todd
  11. Todd & Meg

    Ham Radio certification

    We will start up with the East Valley meet ups again in January. And after the success of the first Meet, Greet, and Camp we will be planning another one late February or early March.
  12. Todd & Meg

    Hiking around Phoenix/Mesa/Apache Jct

    Wind cave is in Usery park, Wave cave is out by Peralta I believe. Hieroglyphic Trail by Gold canyon is a cool easy trail. Rattle snakes shouldn't be a problem this time of year. In the summer there are buzz worms all over out there. There was a tough spot on Bulldog a few weeks ago on a...
  13. Todd & Meg

    Before you buy Solar watch this

    Wow could that intro be any longer? Since I got my Redarc dc to dc charger my solar panels have come out NEVER. Only if we stay in one place for a few days and that isn’t often. Wish I would have had it before I invested in solar. Todd
  14. Todd & Meg

    Faux overlander

    Not sure why it matters. Maybe he likes to build out his rig and that’s his hobby. We had a guy at our gun club that loved to reload. The real only reason he shot his guns was to create brass to reload. Reloading was his hobby. We didn’t call him out on that. Why should we? I brought him brass...
  15. Todd & Meg

    Trying to figure out what overlanding is?

    Overlanding is when you spend $40,000+ on a vehicle, put another $15,000 into wheels, bumpers, winch, lights. Get a $30,000 all decked out trailer and head out to your favorite dispersed camp spot and find a redneck family there with with a 1975 Jayco popup camper pulled by a 1989 Dodge Caravan...
  16. Todd & Meg

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    Total newbie about Whiskey. I worked with a guy that I think the only reason he camped was because he and his wife loved sitting around a campfire with a cigar and whiskey. The way he would talk about it, I felt like I was missing out on something. My whisky buying has been for cooking so I...
  17. Todd & Meg

    Arizona Overlanders

    Last weekend we had our first Meet, Greet & Camp. When Meg and I started planning this we had no idea if we would be out there with a few other people of we would fill up. The response was overwhelming. Josh from Overland AZ on FB setup a trail run that corresponded with the campout and had 32...
  18. Todd & Meg


    I built this to see if I like using drawers over the bins I have been using. It's not done yet, but it works like it should, just need to make it look nicer. The main reason is to hold the battery for the Snomaster. For that it works great. I've used it on three trips so far and and like it...
  19. Todd & Meg

    Any open winter socal camps?

    You forgot to mention that sometimes there can be a little dust at KOH. So many great places to go, so little time.. Todd
  20. Todd & Meg

    Any open winter socal camps?

    We were in Anza Borrego over Thanksgiving and are planning another trip in February. Great desert location. If you an go midweek you'll have the place to yourself. The town of Borrego Springs has some great restaurants too. Todd