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  1. maktruk

    OT: Little help? (Overland Hound in Need!)

    First, let it be known that I *hate* having to ask for help. Despise it. Did it way too much early in life and now it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. That being said, this is my best pal in the world, my trail buddy, my #crosseyedmutt. A lot of you know and love him. Give us a hand plz...
  2. maktruk

    I can't "handle" it

    Seriously. I get it's only a $25 axe, but c'mon, lay down at least a pisscoat of varnish willya? You want something done right...
  3. maktruk

    Thoughts on bivy sacks?

    Actually, the one I'm looking at is a hybrid bivy sack/tent. I'm trying to (severely) downsize from this: To this: The trailer is awesome, comfortable, warm and cozy. However, it's just TOO DAMNED BIG! With my overlanding entourage now having been whittled down to myself and this guy: I no...
  4. maktruk

    Overland Drowned...

    Still coming down in sheets...sideways even.
  5. maktruk

    *Cough* Anyone we know?

    I can't make out the tribal stickers on the side...
  6. maktruk

    Lookin for a spot...

    Soooo...turns out I'm alone for the holiday. Was going to spend the evening with friends but they caught ab invite to Tahoe. C'est la vie, I can only make the best of it... I'll do this by...OVERLANDING! However, I don't want to go to far, being alone and all. The coastline would be choice, as...
  7. maktruk


    So @Michael, @Corrie, have you guys grouped Gold Team, Orange Team, Red Team, Blue Team, (Yellow? Forget how many you planned) together yet? I'm super stoked to see if you've planned the lineup yet. Gotta get my one-liners ready. Need to know what kind of crowd I'm working with here...
  8. maktruk

    Dear Santa...

  9. maktruk


    Just got told the time off I requested was approved. Joy. OTG2 sold out. No joy. If anyone can't make it, there's a buyer for your ticket. *edit* yup, I cross-posted dat. Sure did.
  10. maktruk


    Just got told the time off I requested was approved(hired a new guy) If anyone can't make it, there's a buyer for yer ticket.
  11. maktruk

    'Cause I'm cheap...

  12. maktruk

    I am sad.

    It has only been on here for 3 months, it was my last one (gave them all away) Did I get an older version? I know @Michael said some of the originals faded easily, but that's not the issue here :-( It's hard to see, but the edges are curling up all the way around the decal.
  13. maktruk

    Robbed from FB...

  14. maktruk

    Keep it up, you'll make me famous!

    Maktruk voiceover @ 2:14!
  15. maktruk

    Overland Honda Civic...

  16. maktruk

    Think this is an appropriate forum to ask...

    Does anyone know simple video editing that could correct this video? I flipped my phone over halfway through and screwed the pooch. Need to seperate it and flip the wonky half! *EDIT* LANGUAGE DISCLAIMER Sorry about that didn't notice until just now
  17. maktruk

    Didn't go overland this weekend, I went underland...

    And well...kind of "intoland"
  18. maktruk

    Gave away my last sticker...

    Meet Sean, honorary junior OB member. Slapped his new sticker on his old man's buggy the minute I handed it to him :-) Got a little video of that thing rollin let me find it
  19. maktruk

    Looking for someone in SF Bay Area with...

    A decent sized drill press. I have a bed divider that mounts in the utilitrak on my Frontier. I need to drill 4x .250" holes in the extruded steel rail that makes up the top crossbar. I will then install a loc-rac hi-lift mount. I could theoretically hand drill it, I trust my abilities and my...
  20. maktruk

    Let there be light...!

    Had this mounted for three weeks, spent a rainy Sunday morning under the carport wiring a switch and relay (I really need to look into a centralized relay box) Just waiting for dark to aim it. Cheap Amazon (Shanren) 20" led bar