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  1. Co-4rner

    S/B overland tint

    Finally got it! (Tent)
  2. Co-4rner


    Finally got me weekends back who is grouping together to do some non hard-core trail riding in Colorado this weekend?
  3. Co-4rner

    Daughter runner love

    Daughter runner love today
  4. Co-4rner

    Roof awning help?

    Probably a stupid question but does anybody in Colorado know how to put on a arb roof awning to a 5th gen 2011 runner and could possibly help. willing to pay.
  5. Co-4rner

    Hey all

    What's every one up to this weekend
  6. Co-4rner


    Hate being stuck at work for 12 hrs on such a beautiful day
  7. Co-4rner

    Love the adventure

    Love the adventure
  8. Co-4rner


    Sweet my badge finally came in!!!!!
  9. Co-4rner

    Snow day

    Had an awesome day in Genesee colorado today!!
  10. Co-4rner

    Went to the mountains today what a wonderful snow we ate having

    Went to the mountains today what a wonderful snow we ate having
  11. Co-4rner


    Your telling me haha
  12. Co-4rner


    Ya man that would be awesome!
  13. Co-4rner


    Im off Mondays wensdays and Fridays to explore with you guys
  14. Co-4rner


    Unfortunately it's hard for me to do anything on the weekends because I work from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays but I'm definitely going to half to find some time to go with you guys
  15. Co-4rner


    Awesome I have allways went off on my own so it would be nice to be in a group for once haha that will be a a first well....ever haha
  16. Co-4rner


    Any one in Colorado know any good groups to roll with, that's cool fun and not to hard-core with there off-roading still working on getting my 4runner up there haha
  17. Co-4rner

    New here, can't wait to start exploring.

    New here, can't wait to start exploring.