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  1. SeguineJ

    FOR SALE NFab Nerf bars - PA - 250$

    Looking to sell my bolt on Nerf bars from NFab. Online they are 440$ new. Fit 05-15' Tacos. Willing to part with them for 250$. I am in NEPA, willing to drive or travel if I need to. Can discuss shipping options if you want to ship them. Thanks!
  2. SeguineJ

    15' Taco

    After some wheelin' and dealin', and plenty of stress and worry about my offseason bills. I ended up with this lovely new rig. I could not be happier to be in a truck that has what I want. I may not have built it, but I sure am happy to drive it! Will get a build list from the company when they...
  3. SeguineJ

    Stirrin' the pot

    Alright, I love to create discussion and as I continue to find gear I like, well, I do the typical "me" thing. Where can I get it cheaper? Than I start to look at other options and wonder am I only looking into things because everyone is so brand heavy? Why pay 100-200 dollars when I find...
  4. SeguineJ

    PA to the Keys

    Alright guys and gals, I am starting my trip planning for my winter off. I work seasonally and collect a paycheck in the winter months without having to work. I know it is pretty great. This winter I am looking to play snowbird, yes at 25 my parents are super jealous. Anyway, I am looking to...
  5. SeguineJ

    Pull behind pop up camper?

    Everyone does all the builds for the offroad trailer and I understand the simplicity, the self made stuff, and the over ability. I am just curious has anyone tried to use these...
  6. SeguineJ

    Bed Rack or Cap? Advantages Disadvantages? I thought about getting this for the truck, I am curious though to what really will be the best options. I am a ground tenter. I plan on doign the RTT when I build a trailer down the line. I know the obvious benefits to a cap...
  7. SeguineJ

    GPS - Wearables/Handhelds

    Anyone have recommendations that they actually use? Looking to get for both overland and my LEO side of the house. Prefer to get something that someone has a real recommendation or has used. Especially spending this much money on average haha.
  8. SeguineJ

    Rough Country Lift

    Alright, obviously most of the time you get what you pay for. Now I have had a rough country lift on my trucks before and I thought they were pretty good. I do not have a bunch of comparisons but I had 0 issues with the lift. One for the Taco is like 250$. Anyone use them on theres at all?
  9. SeguineJ

    Free: Canada Parks National Pass 2017

    For those who do not know, Canada is celebrating 150 years of Parks! Passes are 100% free, including mailed to the US! Here's a link in case anyone is interested!
  10. SeguineJ

    To lift or not to lift

    I know, it is kind of a dumb question but I am trying to see if it is really needed. So by what I have read, my current ground clearance is 9in. That is all I know and understand. Now the TRD Sport comes with the little upgraded suspension yada yada. Do I really need to lift it? Is it more a...
  11. SeguineJ

    SOLD Delete - Vehicle Sold

    So, tonight my local Toyota held an event for the guys, "Brews & Bolts". Free beer tasting, free maintenance advice and questionnaire. Just an overall good time. For shits and giggles, I had a sales rep price my 4Runner. Well they said a pretty great number on what I would get trade in wise for...
  12. SeguineJ

    PA Great American Outdoor Show

    Im headed down in a few minutes. Ill be there about 1030 or so. Let me know if youre heading to it! Ill be there just about all day long! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using OB Talk mobile app
  13. SeguineJ

    Glory - The 2016 4Runner SR5 Build

    Here is the first picture of when I got her last year. This year is the start to everything. I have been patiently waiting to start this build and now its go time over the next few months to get her spring ready. Look forward to the discussion and keeping you guys updated as it goes. I am not...
  14. SeguineJ


    Is anyone interested in trying to setup a group buy? I am looking to order mine but I figured I would see if anyone else is interested or looking to get one.
  15. SeguineJ

    DIY: Cooler

    So, thanks to being a member of our lovely Armed Forces. I have had the opportunity to acquire my fair share of leftovers, extras, stuff guys give away they don't want. I have an extra one of these Pelican cases. I plan on starting the project this week and while I have an idea of how I am going...
  16. SeguineJ

    In search of: The Best Ground Tents So. Here is my take on a few things. As a New Overlander, and especially one who is not exactly made of money. I am looking at more of a budget then I would like at the moment, especially till I get a new career. So I...
  17. SeguineJ


    New here on the forums but hoping to see and find some PA Overlanders to start talking to. NJ, NY, DE, and MD. Feel free to chime in you're all pretty close. Hoping to be able to get some trips going, trek it a little bit, hit up trails, camps, whatever. I am a pretty avid outdoorsman...