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  1. Kyle Forbes

    Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 9.5

    Event is Live now though Sunday. Bulter Pennsylvania
  2. Kyle Forbes

    1964 Cj5

    Heres my Willys build. So far its been a 2 year project. As of now funds are getting low. But. Working on a warn winch plate & a tire carrier right now. Later sliders & roof rack. Getting ready for Bantam 9.5 Off-road event in Butler Pennsylvania Oct2-4th.
  3. Kyle Forbes

    Heading West in a 64 CJ5 Willys from PA, Erie

    I’m taking the adventure back roads of America heading west from Erie Pennsylvania in my 1964 Cj5 willys overland pulling a 1948 Bantam T3C trailer. My parents sadly are letting me leave since im 19 & Lost my $40k year job in May. Now working at FedEx as a handler ( part time). Near butler PA...
  4. Kyle Forbes

    Rear Tire Carrier + Jerry can holders for a 1964 CJ5

    I Need ideas guys for making a swinging tire carrier that can hold a Spare tire is a 31" Coker & 2 WWll Jerry Cans & Hi-Lift Jack.
  5. Kyle Forbes

    Jeep CJ5 1964 Build/Restoration

    Here' s my 64 CJ5 i have picked up at auction for $950 here in PA. The date as a type this i got the engine running after being sitting in a field next to a fence for 17 years. Runs good & idles. It will need all new tires but really just the fronts need replaced.Little did i know this has left...