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  1. Boucher

    US East Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    I've been working out of town since Feb 28 coming home this weekend for a break. Gotta shake cobwebs off everything
  2. Boucher

    A quick mod today

    I found one of these neons on side of a house with the wheel hub torn apart, it been like that for the past 2 months I pass it every on my way to work. I may stop by their house and see if I can pick it up cheap
  3. Boucher

    A quick mod today

    Apologies for the late response been working 7 days a week and long hours, Unfortunately, I didn't have a plan just fabricated it up with some items I had from previous builds I got the wood already cut from Home depot Angle Iron from Home depot Brackets were some folding shelf brackets...
  4. Boucher

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    You are 100 % correct .... No idea how I pulled that one off
  5. Boucher

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I fixed him , landcruiser had a broken valve spring , swapped it out , and changed his oil . Then we drove about 100 miles
  6. Boucher

    Cancelled Flagpole Knob/ PMR/ MABDR 3

    It may be easier to accomplish this closer to the weekend I know it's hard for me to get off midweek just my .02
  7. Boucher

    US East Running the Trans America Trail (TAT) from WV to the OR coast

    Man, I wanna do this but this happens right in the middle of a huge work project demo to gov . Maybe I can do a small section starting in WV and a few other states
  8. Boucher

    A quick mod today

    Today I fabricated up a removable table for the side of the Neon its far from being finished but basics are there
  9. Boucher

    WaterPort Weekender 8Gal on sale for $299.99!

    Yeah I've been thinking of making one of these for a few years now too just not my priority, seems like a simple project though
  10. Boucher

    I have to change my transfer case

    I like the camper
  11. Boucher

    Overland group buy

    I hired a broker , they took care of all the iteMs once they arrived I had to pay duty fees too
  12. Boucher

    Overland group buy

    I sold some of these back in 2012 I purchased 10 tents from a supplier on Alibaba they even put my companies custom logo on it, I can help get a deal done with my old supplier I purchased a mixture of hard shell and fabric ones, I kept a fabric one for myself it was well made the only issue I...
  13. Boucher

    Higher Fuel Prices And Overlanding

    Luckily I've been working from home my two land pigs love the fuel so I guess my savings in fuel for work will go into my weekend trips
  14. Boucher

    Lets See Some Drone Shots

    Not the best quality as I took snaps off my video
  15. Boucher

    Leveling blocks vs scissor jacks?

    This is better than those leveling blocks " EAZ LIFT Light Weight RV Tire Leveler - Allows for Easy Leveling Without Blocks or Ramps - Fits Most 13-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch Wheels (48845)
  16. Boucher

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Apparently, my "WIFE" is buying a winch for the H2 this past weekend with the heavy Ice storm we were out clearing trees in our driveway and public roads with me cutting them and her pulling them back with the H2. Out of the blue ...her words " why don't you have one of those pulling things on...
  17. Boucher

    Travel Restrictions

    On the travel restriction point per this post .... the Government is looking into banning travel to Florida wow it gets even crazier. Seems the model of Sweden and now Florida work but it doesn't fall in line with the narrative and fear-mongering.
  18. Boucher

    Travel Restrictions

    It is sad, not long ago while traveling to work in other places of the world an announcement came over the airplane PA system which was simply due to covid we will not be serving beverages or food. 20 min later I see first-class eating and drinking. As the stewardess came by I asked her I...
  19. Boucher

    Travel Restrictions

    I'm being dramatic? funny
  20. Boucher

    Travel Restrictions

    Really??? Just as they have a right to wear their mask I can express my opinion .... wait that may be gone soon too