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  1. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    US Southeast Peach State Overland Social (Distance) Meetup

    Who’s ready for a little social (distance) time?!?! Our next Overland Social is going be on Saturday, August 8, from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Paulding County Airport and the Museum of Flight. We’re working hard to create a family-friendly, social-distance friendly, awesome event that can grow...
  2. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Nova Scotia, Canada Trip!

    We are releasing our Nova Scotia series on YouTube! Check out Peach State Overland! Series Trailer: Fishing charter: Border crossing:
  3. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Budget DIY Expedition Trailer

    I finally got an opportunity to put together my build video. Check it out and follow for more.
  4. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Georgia Bushcraft Fall Campout

    Did any of you guys go to the Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering? This is my second time going, so I thought I would put something together. Check it out, like and follow me on Youtube! :)
  5. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Stanley Springs

    Anyone checking out the network of natural springs in the Southeast? I put together a video about my local spring.
  6. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Choosing The Right Tent

    You’re probably reading this because you either want to get more into self-reliant travel or you just want to validate that you’re taking everything into consideration before you make the most important purchase toward your traveling experience. I have worked my way through each of these tent...
  7. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Patrick Metzger's 2007 Toyota 4Runner (Black Pearl)

    The Black Pearl Typically, you would expect to see a Toyota 4runner cruising around the suburbs of Atlanta carrying kids to a sporting event, packed full of groceries, or out at local shopping spots, it is rare to see one traversing terrain found in the sweetest dreams of Bear Grylls. I’m...
  8. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Reoccurring - Overland Social - Kennesaw, GA Edition - 10/05/2017

    We are now making the monthly Overland Social an Overland Bound meetup. Feel free to join the first Thursday evening of every month from 7-10pm. The first hour we will meetup at the grassy field in downtown Kennesaw and show off our trucks, then we will move over to the Nest to enjoy a Beer and...
  9. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Trip Across Georgia

    Every year we host a fund raiser to raise money to donate to the Atlanta ALS chapter. I created this video after the last event. Check out our trip across Georgia. Includes many popular trails!
  10. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    South East US Travels

    Do you have a suggestion on where I should go, or do you need advice on where to go? Post Below. I am from North Georgia and I have been wheeling and overlanding for 2+ years here in the South. Let me know if you have any questions or need advice for your trip. Below are some pics from my...
  11. Patrick-PeachStateOvrlnd

    Otto the Adventure Trailer Build

    Adventure travel is about getting out and seeing things and experiencing different cultures with friends or family. Why build an Adventure Trailer? I travel a lot with my immediate family as well as with my Peach State Overland family. Having gone on many trips and having my truck filled to...