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  1. Murphy Slaw

    Fairbanks, AK help!

    Alaska is expensive. My son was working up there and he told me prices that were hard to believe. But he was making good money. Guess everything is relative...
  2. Murphy Slaw

    One Ton Rigs.

    And that depends on the guys. You might have to cut back on the beer.......
  3. Murphy Slaw

    New Rig; 5th Gen 4runner

    Pretty sweet. What year / how many miles ? It looks like new...
  4. Murphy Slaw

    Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek?

    Didn't Goodyear buy Cooper?
  5. Murphy Slaw

    Full Time (storage of stuff)

    I have far too much crap......
  6. Murphy Slaw

    Overlanding problems

    I've never had that happen. And I'm old....
  7. Murphy Slaw

    Radio stations all over the World

    I'm a radio junkie from the old days. Worked in it.
  8. Murphy Slaw

    Where to start

  9. Murphy Slaw

    Where to start

    Your picture looks like a 2016. Just sayin'....
  10. Murphy Slaw

    Where to start

    Yep. A stock Taco with good tires is a pretty capable machine.
  11. Murphy Slaw

    We need to do something.

    The problem is a lack of respect. For nature. For other people's property. For your brother/sister. Cities, parks, oceans, tent cities, the whole World is getting trashy-er by the minute. It's no wonder gates are closing....
  12. Murphy Slaw

    Why i say you need 4x4 always

    I lived for decades without 4wd out West. Probably won't be without it again, but I don't remember getting stuck. I knew better...
  13. Murphy Slaw

    Paper maps? still a thing or no?

    I like to have an Atlas. Just in case...
  14. Murphy Slaw

    Crossover or mid-size SUV recommendation

    I'd be very afraid of Subaru since the switch to CVT's. I'd go Jeep.
  15. Murphy Slaw

    First Post Lock Down Trip (Grand Isle Louisiana 5-9-20)

    I went down to Lake Charles for a funeral a few weeks ago. It's still a wreck form those hurricanes last year. Glad to see the virus paranoia is about over down there as well.
  16. Murphy Slaw

    Transporting firearms in California

    That's what I've heard for many decades. If someone is "with out papers" they can pretty much do as they please. No consequences. We have "redneck laws" here in the mid-west. Rural areas police themselves.
  17. Murphy Slaw

    Transporting firearms in California

    I thought California didn't have laws ?
  18. Murphy Slaw


    I heard something one night (alone) that I haven't figured out to this day. A loud roar, large lungs, and very low pitched. It put me in my truck cab within' seconds. I went back in daylight and never found a track or anything to explain it, but I'll never forget it.