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  1. PapaDave

    We NEED a Cook Partner Stove 16” or 18”

    PullKitchen is doing some prototyping and looking to borrow a unit for a week and will return it. We will handle all the shipping costs! The lead time is 8-10 weeks. Let us know If you can help us out! Dave
  2. PapaDave

    US West Weekend At Bear Lake CA (west shore Tahoe)

    June 24-26/27, 2021 Base camping trip near the Rubicon Trail View Rally Point
  3. PapaDave

    US West Frank Raines OHV Park with The East Bay Meet Up- May 8th, 2021

    Frank Raines OHV Day with the option to camp. Read the complete description View Rally Point
  4. PapaDave

    SOLD Dometic CFX-75DZ Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer WIFI Controlled BAY AREA CA

    Dometic CFX-75DZ dual zone fridge/freeezer This fridge is 75L and is WIFI controlled via the CFX app. Each half can be independently controlled to be either a freezer, or fridge, or turned off. Gives lots of flexibility and I have loved pulling out my frosted mug at camp. Very necessary! I am...
  5. PapaDave

    US West Mormon Emigrant Trail Snow Day *if there’s snow!

    Day trip up to the MET. This is a snow trip so snow is required. :) Come prepared with traction boards, recovery ropes, winch if you have one. And bring a lunch! View Rally Point
  6. PapaDave

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    The Lost Coast Of CA- Feb 19-21st, 2021* The Lost Coast of California is a gorgeous part of our coast up north. It’s a long stretch of miles where I5 heads up the middle of the state, where Hwy 1 joins 101 veering inland, and a rugged portion of the coast is left pristine and untouched. Hikers...
  7. PapaDave

    US West Death Valley Western Tour October 22-25th 2020

    Three night western tour of Death Valley. Burgess Mine, salt tram, Cerro Gordo (what’s left), possible jet watching (if they fly still), Hunter Mountain Pass, Ubehebe crater, Race Track, Lippincott Pass, Steel Pass, Dedeckera Canyon, and Eureka Dunes. **be sure to read the section on Yosemite...
  8. PapaDave

    US West Death Valley Photography Trip February 24-28th, 2021 (rescheduled)

    Photographer’s trip exploring Death Valley and getting great shots. This is a limited trip for those who are ready to stay up late and get up before dawn for the shot.View Rally Point
  9. PapaDave

    US West Eastern Sierras to Funnel Lake and Laurel Lakes August 21-23rd, 2020

    Eastern Sierras—>Coyote Flats—>Funnel Lake—>Laurel Lakes—>High altitude camping—>Could it get any better?View Rally Point
  10. PapaDave

    US West July 17-19th, 2020 Bodie Ghost Town and Copper Mountain—CA

    Bodie State Park Ghost Town Copper Mountain Fairly easy off roading with amazing views and learning about historyView Rally Point
  11. PapaDave

    Pull Kitchen

    Hey everyone, a little while ago Michael did walk around of my wood kitchen drawer, then again with my extruded aluminum kitchen unit. I have DIY threads of those under the DIY section here, but the response was so amazing I formed a business with another Overland bound member I met here. We...
  12. PapaDave

    US West Tri-Valley/Bay Area Zoom Call Discussing Tips and Trips

    Well looks like things aren’t changing anytime soon so we are meeting up online again. Our last meeting went well! Jump on to discuss calendar dates, tips, and show-n-tell if you found some cool new gadget with all your free time.
  13. PapaDave

    Happy Easter and Good Friday

    To the faithful may your celebrations with family and loved ones be an incredible time of reflection, rejoicing, and prayer for those around the world. I love Easter! I always tell my kids without Easter Christmas wouldn’t even be on the map, for He has Risen, Risen indeed! From my family to...
  14. PapaDave

    US West Tri-Valley Online ZOOM Meet Up TODAY Due to Easter

    Same meet up, just on the second Saturday because Easter is April 12th. Meeting Today! 4-11-20 Here is the Zoom info: Zoom Meet Up This Saturday April 11th, 1-1:45pm We will be discussing: Roll call Mojave Road Clean Up Trip Report Summer trips starting June through October/November Recovery...
  15. PapaDave

    US West Tri-Valley Meet Up at Hollister Hills CA OHV Park

    The normal meet up in Pleasanton California on the second Sunday, March 8, is cancelled. We will be doing our meet up March 7 at Hollister Hills OHV Park. Camping is an option as well Friday night March 6.
  16. PapaDave

    US West Prewitt Ridge and The Indians area of Big Sur

    Welcome to the first trip for the Tri-Valley area meet up! This trip has limited space due to the camping area of Prewitt Ridge on Friday night. The views are stunning and dramatic sitting up 3000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. However these camping sites are scattered around with only a few...
  17. PapaDave

    Wanted Wanted- Alucab 270 Awning for Driver’s Side

    Looking to locate a driver‘s side (left hand side US) Alucab 270 awning for my rig, if you have one lying around let me know!
  18. PapaDave

    2nd Annual NORCAL Toy Drive Oakland Ca DECEMBER 7TH

    Hey everyone This event is a great chance to bring your rigs full of toys and support the children in the Bay Area!
  19. PapaDave

    US West Tri-Valley Monthly Meet Up- Pleasanton CA

    Just come! :-) See this month’s plan View Rally Point
  20. PapaDave

    Simple Truck Bed/Fridge Slide (like an actual slide)

    @Michael posted a video about my Pull Kitchen and I’ve had a number of questions about my fridge and slide. So some basic info: 2018 Tacoma with a composite 5ft bed Diamondback Cover Dometic 75DZ that just clears underneath Standard fridge slides purchased on the market add to the overall...