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    Need Help - Protecting Alternator/Car Battery From mud/water

    Hi, so I have a 15 year old truck with 154,000 miles on it and a 15 year old alternator. I have been going mudding a lot recently. One day after mudding, my truck said my battery wasn’t charging, and my truck died shortly after. I put a new battery in and it started right up... until it died 2...
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    Gas/Diesel Availability

    Hi, I’ve been interested in Overlanding for a bit. I know in North America gas is the predominant go-to type of fuel, but I was wondering, is diesel or gas easier to find in Africa, Europe and Asia. I plan to tour around these continents, and I was wondering what type of fuel is easier to come...
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    What Is The Best Source Of Electricity?

    What is the best source of electricity for an overlansing vehicle. Like if I had a pickup truck with a bed cap and I had electric appliances in it, what is the best way to power them, as the truck’s battery can not power it all. Is a generator good? Solar panels? What is a good source? Thanks