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  1. Mustang03

    Pictures of old dilapidated buildings please

    Near Colville, Washington.
  2. Mustang03

    Overland Bound Map in off-line use?

    Did not take long to decide that the map included in the Overland Bound tablet app is really all I need for land nav. I have a Dual XGPS160 which gives my non-gps tablet all the gps capability it needs. I assume the map app requires an internet connection to function? Any thoughts that this...
  3. Mustang03

    Nature Photos

    White Pocket, AZ in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.
  4. Mustang03

    Lets See Some Drone Shots

    DJI Mavic Air 2, screen grab from video. Vermilion Cliffs Nat'l Mon. Drone use legal here as the area is administered by the BLM and not the NPS.
  5. Mustang03

    One Ton Rigs.

    I got the hard-core rock crawling out of my system a long time ago. Enjoyed it immensely at the time (and truth be told, it can be a lot of fun) but my interests have changed. Now, my Ram 3500 takes us wherever we want to go without any problems at all and we camp in comfort at the destination...
  6. Mustang03

    Starlink video from Death Valley

    Spoiler alert, minor rant ahead... Oh fine. Waited months for the right time to catch the Milky Way core rising at the right time with a new moon, drove hundreds of miles to get there, (hey great! no clouds tonight!) hauled the not-very-light camera slider out to the perfect spot, got the time...
  7. Mustang03

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Organizing for the next trip, charging camera batteries, etc. Paring down the list because I always take too much stuff.
  8. Mustang03

    Tablet mount show and tell.

    It's a 2014 3500 and I'm looking to hold a tablet. I looked at a seat bolt mount, but the one I looked at won't fit my bolts, which are somewhat recessed and the bolt-in setup is for a flat mount. I've got three cupholders located right next to each other in the fold-down center. They've got...
  9. Mustang03

    Tablet mount show and tell.

    I've been looking for a solution for my Ram cockpit also, so this has all been very interesting. One option I'm considering is something like this: Cup Holder Car Tablet Mount, woleyi Car Cupholder Tablet & Phone Holder with Adjustable Arm for iPad Pro 9.7, 11, 12.9 Air Mini 5 4 3 2...
  10. Mustang03

    Overlanding Grand Canyon and Moab

    If you're going to Grand Canyon, do NOT miss driving out to Point Sublime. It's on the North Rim to the west of the Lodge/campground. Very decent if not-well-maintained dirt roads leading out there. We spent two nights (requires a Backcountry Permit: Backcountry Permit - Grand Canyon National...
  11. Mustang03

    What is your go too overlanding photography kit/setup? What is in your Camera bag?

    Nikon guy here. D600 with a fairly wide selection of Nikkor glass. Use a Cinetics rail for time lapse. Backup is a pair of GoPro Hero 4/5 black. Since I'm getting older, I can't hump it as far from the truck as I used to , so I can keep a good selection of gear nearby. Photos and video is one...
  12. Mustang03

    Camp Photos!

    Toroweap Campground, with Grand Canyon in the background. We almost had the place to ourselves for two days, then 'company' moved in. This is within walking distance of the Toroweap overlook that you see in many photographs.
  13. Mustang03

    Overlanding Frequency?

    Just to pop in with a quick one... To confirm, the legal MURS frequencies are? 151.820 151.880 151.940 154.570 154.600 Been a while since I've looked at any of this, but as we're getting into the OB community, I guess we need to brush up.
  14. Mustang03

    US Southwest Vermilion Cliff Photography Trip May 12-14th, 2021

    A couple of days exploring and photographing/videography in the Vermilion Cliffs NM. Leisurely-paced and loosely structured, allowing ample time for photos and conversation. We'll base close to White Pocket. View Rally Point
  15. Mustang03

    Arizona trip

    Then let me tempt you further... Our old camper (on it's last trip) at the coordinates I gave you. Enjoy!
  16. Mustang03

    Arizona trip

    There is free boondocking west of Sedona. Take Loy Butte Rd. north from SR 89A. It is about 5 - 1/2 miles west from the outskirts of town. You should have no issues with a small trailer, it's a well-maintained road. Look for clearings right off the road. We last stayed a couple days at a spot...
  17. Mustang03

    Overlanding and CPAP

    Interesting. I recently contacted the VA about getting a 12v power cord for my VA-provided Resmed CPAP and was told they did not supply those and I would have to purchase it myself. I guess it's all in who you talk to on any given day, eh?
  18. Mustang03

    Arizona Overlanders

    Hello and welcome! We're not far from you over in Green Valley. We are also fairly new to the OB community here, although we've been exploring off the beaten path for years.
  19. Mustang03


    Especially like the shot of the lightning! What's your camera/landscape lens of choice?