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  1. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    A few pictures from this summer. Found these little wilds up one of my most favorite canyons in the world. Two reasons for overlanding: fishing and time with the family. If I am being honest, probably in that order. Tight lines!
  2. ClearwaterScott

    Hello from Montana - JK owner

    What are the details on the drawer slide system in the back a of the Jeep. It looks great.
  3. ClearwaterScott

    IKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent

    Just got back from our first family outing with our Skycamper. Lots of good: plenty of space for the family. Annex room adds lots of space for kid gear and even some of my own stuff. Setup and take down super quick and easy. The anex room is where I am not entirely sure I like the...
  4. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    @Mima -- thosea are some great shots! Beautiful fish and setting. @Trailpatrol -- Some buddies and I take one, or more, trips to fish the driftless. Usually end up in Iowa where but have done the Wisconsin streams a couple of times. Seems like I may need to ply you for updated stream info on the...
  5. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    Just a couple of little wild bows on a Missouri cold water stream.
  6. ClearwaterScott

    FOR SALE Overland Pros 2m Roof Top Tent with Annex - Mint - $1500

    Do you all sell the bumpers?
  7. ClearwaterScott

    Exped Megamat10..worth it!

    @Lepik -- have you sized the duo? It might fit.
  8. ClearwaterScott


    I don't want to come across as overly cynical however, when all of the union guys I knew gave me a hard time for buying a German made automobile I told them as soon as they stopped shopping at Walmart - a store which I will NOT partonize bc of the companies intention plan to iliminate local...
  9. ClearwaterScott

    FOR SALE Overland Pros 2m Roof Top Tent with Annex - Mint - $1500

    Side bar about your rig. What bumper are you running on the LR4?
  10. ClearwaterScott

    Jetboil vs. MSR WindBurner

    The real question you should be asking yourself is which Jetboil (regular, solo, titanium) you should buy. There is nothing better than the JB to roll some water. You really may have trouble getting the rest of the coffee setup before this thing boils over. I got mine 5 plus years ago and still...
  11. ClearwaterScott

    Camp Table

    How do you secure the table in place while traveling?
  12. ClearwaterScott

    Camp Shower (Merged)

    @mitchandbuck - Seems like a really simple and easy design. Does the unit require the pressure from a hose connection to work?
  13. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    @OregonTrail4runner -- Reminding me why living in Missouri is so painful at times.... Cheers for you!
  14. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    @OregonTrail4runner -- Ya, I'm aware of the changes in ownership and division of builders. Still a very sad development. I did my time in the business, great partners, great products and always a delight to deal with over the years. Im sure you're too busy to fish that Sweet Grass. I am...
  15. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    @OregonTrail4runner Those are some fantastic shots. Wow. But seeing make of your rod reminded me of this sad development:
  16. ClearwaterScott

    Fly Fishing

    @Chaoswest - That is a really nice looking fish. I have never had that good of luck on the North branch. I guess need your guiding services. Your reminder/invite could not have come at a better time, this is my busiest time of year. It's good to be reminded there is life -- especially fishing...
  17. ClearwaterScott

    Possibly selling new CVT Mt. Denali Extended Stargazer Summit

    Let me know on shipping
  18. ClearwaterScott

    FOR SALE WA - 60" Garvin Sport Series Rack [Ship: No]

    Looking at specs it appears the width for the mounts is 50inch across, is that accurate? Im thinking it might fit on my LR4 but want to confirm and verify shipping.
  19. ClearwaterScott

    Possibly selling new CVT Mt. Denali Extended Stargazer Summit

    Checked on the manufacturer web site, this the 4+ person (87″ wide x 96″ long sleeping area) ? Does it include the annex as well? It looks like just what we are needing except I am located in Missouri.... Might be worth shipping.
  20. ClearwaterScott

    LR4 Hidden Winch Install Est.

    I picked up a terra-firma hidden winch mounting plate and got a great deal on a superwinch from one of our fellow members here. :). Reviewing a number of sites on how to go a about doing the install I got scared away from doing the project myself. I just don't feel like I am ready to cut pieces...