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  1. Rath

    12 volt fans?

    Anyone here have a 12 volt fan they can recommend? This will be for the back of my truck in my sleeping area. Looking for something that is reliable and has at least two speeds. something fairly quiet would be preferred, brushless motor maybe? Looking on amazon all I'm finding is cheap plastic...
  2. Rath

    Mr. heater "Little Buddy" experience?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get a little heater for the back of my truck for cold weather camping trips. Being such a small space, I was looking at the small, little buddy heater. My plan isn't to use this while I'm sleeping in there, but rather to heat up the space for a little while before...
  3. Rath

    Super Simple Dual Battery Project

    Hey all, so a while back I decided I wanted a second battery in my truck, but I didn't need anything overly complicated, like solar charging, etc. My plan was to keep it simple, and easy. Battery isolator between the main battery and a second battery to keep both batteries charged, but not...
  4. Rath

    Dual Battery setup, Fuse Info?

    Hey guys, so I've got almost everything I need to install my second battery in my truck and start running power to the back sleeping area. The only thing left is to figure out what fuses to use. My trucks alternator is 130A from the factory and I'll be sticking with that (I had thought about...
  5. Rath

    Rath's Trailer Build - First Test Pull Done!

    Hey folks, found this forum while looking at ideas for trailer builds. I'm doing this trailer as a way to carry my supplies and have them secured at base camp while im out and about. Previously I just used a tent to store things in, but that has been proven an issue with wildlife. Having a...